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I’m not Bazdar, it can’t be removed through threats: Omer Sarfaraz

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Omer Sarfaraz Cheema said on Wednesday that he is still the governor of the Punjab and not like Usman Buzdar, who was expelled, bombarded with threats.

Speaking to media here he said that he was a political worker, he was not afraid of anyone and fight mafia before last. He warned that the situation should don’t encourage anarchy in the country.

“The governor’s house was occupied, and I have no force release him as the occupation was maintained by the deployment of Punjabi police, he said. added. He demanded an end to the occupation and noted that Pakistan today faced with global challenges and that constitutional institutions should notice of This. He claimed that the interior minister have worked like PMLN worker to whom he wrote for ranger security as governor.

He said that the country facing serious constitutional crisis for in last 37 days and situation in Punjab deteriorated in in last 48 hours. He questioned the election of main minister Punjab and claimed that earlier Chief Minister Usman Buzdar was removed unconstitutional. The PTI member claimed that the LHC judge made unconstitutional decision with relation to the chief ministerOath.

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