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IHC orders missing persons cases to be fixed before division bench

ISLAMABAD: dissatisfied with Additional responses from Munawar Attorney General Iqbal Duggal during the hearing of cases relating to recovery of journalist Mudassar Naaru and other missing persons on On Monday, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) questioned whether the AAG was “even qualified investigate the case.”

The court, led by newly appointed IHC Chief Justice Amir Farooq, ordered fix cases of missing for hearing in the department bench.

During today’s hearing, the court said it was unsure whether to “laugh or cry” after the AAG said the committee set up to investigate the case had ceased to function following the passage of a previous law. minister Azam Nazir Tarar resigned.

The AAG told the court that a cabinet committee was investigating the matter and had held eight meetings. with families of the missing.

The AAG’s response regarding the committee’s inaction came after the court questioned whether the committee results now that Tarar has retired.

The court argued that new law minister I could follow up on this. “Will the committee cease to exist if government changed tomorrow,” Judge Farouk asked. “If the matter also end now that former main justice of VVK reached the Supreme Court? he further stated.

“There are no results, even if efforts were made,” said Judge Farouk.

He stated that if AAG wants to do nothing, then the court should be informed and cases will be considered of.

Lawyer Imaan Mazari appeared before the court as counsel for missing journalist Mudassar Naaru mother. She said prime minister appeared before this court and gave several assurances. “Report on on behalf of of he prime minister today it was supposed to be presented to the court, ”she said.

AAG Duggal confirmed that the meetings were held with relatives of missing and what more action had to be taken. He argued that the committee needed more time.

The court interrogated how a lot of more time was needed for these cases which have already expected for two years.

Colonel’s lawyer (retired) Inam-ul-Rahim argued that the AAG repeatedly requested for extra time call on in prime minister issue writ of execution on this issue. He’s next added that production orders for 450 people was issued; They should be brought to an end.

The court ordered the AAG “not to act like bureaucracy” and asked him to leave his post of power behind and think like a human about what happens when family member disappears.

“It in interest of country that these issues have been resolved,” the head of the VVK said. justice said how he asked official how they would feel if someone close to them went missing.

“We are the people first. Lawyer, judge and IG (inspector general) later, he added.

BUT father of two missing brothers said his sons were missing from outside Islamabad International Islamic University and has not yet been restored.

Main justice asked what conclusions the investigator (IO) had regarding this case, as he expressed outrage at IO of Sabzi Mandi Police Station.

The IHC claimed that this issue appropriate order in therefore adjourned the hearing. of a business.

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