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IHC Endorses TikToker Nosheen Saeed’s pre-arrest pledge in forest fire video case – pakistan

Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Wednesday Approved TikToker Nosheen Saeed, Dolly’s Alias pre-arrest bail statement in forest business fire in the Margalla hills last month.

Said who It has more than 11 million followers on tik tok was posted clip of she walks playfully in silver ball dress in front of burning hillside, presumably the Margalla Hills in islamabad, with caption: “Fire breaks out wherever I am.”

Her video was immediately criticized. on social media as people Initially, it was assumed that she herself started the fire at the time when the destructive heat wave was raging. way in Pakistan causes forest fires.

Within hours after uploading the video was filmed down from the application.

Said later said in clarification issued by the assistant that she did not start in fire and there was no harm in creating videos.

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She applied for pre-arrest deposit after registration of a first information Kohsar Police report under various sections of Environmental Protection Agency and Islamabad Wildlife Conservation Act.

After a preliminary hearing, the court granted her temporary bail until June 8 (today).

During today’s hearing, Judge Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri asked the police if they had evidence to prove that the fire was started by TikToker. “What is worth of trees damaged in this,” he inquired further.

The investigator replied that the authorities had not yet determined total incurred loss in flame.

Subsequently, the court granted Said’s request. for pre-arrest bail and instructed the police to turn her on in investigation of a business.

Islamabad Police have registered two separate FIRs after two videos went viral. on social media; one showing two young TikTokers set the forest on fire with lighter on Margalla Hills. Another video that went viral on social media showed model and TikToker Dolly performance in front of a fire.


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