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IHC calls Imran on August 31 in case of contempt


Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Tuesday published show-cause notice to PTI Chairman and ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan in contempt of a court case over his remarks against female judge of additional sessions, Zeba Chaudhry, and asked him to appear in person before bench on August 31.

The court issued a three-page written order and sent a notice to the lawyer. general for Pakistan for help in a business.

Imran’s controversial remarks against the judges were also made part of written order.

“Judge Zeba Sahiba, you should get ready. We will also take action against you. All of you should to be disgraced of themselves,” Imran was quoted as saying in a written order from the IHC.

On Saturday, Imran, speaking at a rally in Islamabad F-9 Park, said Judge Zeba Chaudhry knew that the prisoner party leader Shahbaz Gill was tortured but she did not release him on pledge. He threatened to take action against referee and IGP Islamabad and DIG.

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former the premiere has been booked in case of terrorism on a complaint of Islamabad Saddar Magistrate Ali Javed for threatening an additional session of the judge.

first information report (FIR) has been filed with Margalla police station at 22:00, Saturday. Spruce also carried Section 7 of Law on Combating Terrorism.

FIR has been filed hours before another police station in Islamabad received a written complaint from a resident of G-11/2 for initiation of a case against head of PTI over hate speech and incitement rebellion against army, police and judiciary.

FIR Filed by Margalla Police Says PTI Chairman Threatened Extra Trial Judge with a view terrorize high-ranking officials of the police and the judiciary so that they cannot carry out their duties and refrain from taking action against PTI due to fear of Imran.

On Tuesday, a larger group of three bench The case was heard by judges under the direction of Judge Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, which included Judges Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb and Judge Babar Sattar.

The IVC written order states that the registrar submitted a report of Imran’s performance at Islamabad Park F9 on 22 August.

The court stated that the chairman of the PTI in his speech made prima facie “scornfully and intimidating” statements against Judge Zeba, who worked under administrative control of IHC.

It was said that the statements were made in Gill’s unfinished business.

The written order stated that Imran had filed plea in high court against Judge Zeba’s decision, adding that the PTI chief tried to “obstruct” the course of justice and “blur” public confidence in court.

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Imran’s statement falls under the “scope of contempt of court,” the letter said.

The IHC also noted that the PTI chief’s remarks “undermined” the integrity and credibility of of judicial system in in eyes of public.

The Court stated that Imran had been notified in accordance with Article 17. of Contempt of court order and show-cause about why the proceedings for contempt of court should not be initiated against his.

The court decided to send the notification to Imran through the Bani Gala SHO. The court also instructed the chairman of Pemra to present complete transcript of speech of the head of PTI in the F-9 fleet.

The court stated that it was referring the case to the head of the VVK. justice for Constitution of more bench of more than three judges.

Previously in The next day, Islamabad’s Advocate General Jahangir Jadoun filed a separate application in an attempt to make Imran’s statement. against session judge part of contempt proceedings.

In his petition, Jadoon stated that he wanted bring video of in former Prime Minister’s statements on record so his statements on electronic and digital media should also to be made part of a business.

It has been claimed that Imran’s statements should be allowed to play in courtroom as they help in process of achievement decision in cause.

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