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Ifo Institute includes self-employed and small companies in the business climate index

Especially in the pandemic, many freelancers and self-employed suffered particularly. (Photo: Josep Suria / Shutterstock)
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The Ifo Institute discovers its heart for the self-employed. In the future, on the initiative of Jimdo, freelancers and small businesses will also be able to have a say – and thus gain more visibility and awareness.

The Ifo Institute, which regularly collects the business climate index named after it, discovers his heart for self-employed and solo entrepreneurs. So far, the business climate index has focused on large medium-sized companies and corporations. That should change in the future. The institute is reforming the Ifo index and starting the inclusion of self-employed and small businesses in Germany’s most important business climate index, which is published monthly. Jimdo, a provider of online tools, shops and websites and for smaller companies, is also involved in the initiative.

As is well known, the business climate index is regularly included in the news of all media and provides information on the economic situation and the economic situation in companies. The initiators argued that it is no longer right that the 2.1 million micro-enterprises, which account for 81 percent of companies in Germany, should have a say. With a turnover of around 453 billion euros per year, these micro-enterprises make a noticeable contribution to economic value creation (and last but not least, due to the lack of tax-saving strategies, such as those of a large corporation, a considerable proportion of taxes in Germany). After all, 5.7 million people are employed here in Germany.

Self-employed people can register and contribute monthly

The Ifo Institute explains that it sees it as a task to prepare scientific findings in such a way that the media and the public can understand and classify current economic and political events. The group of self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs should no longer be absent. However, the institute did not disclose to what extent and according to which key the new factor of micro-enterprises will be taken into account. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to take the time to contribute here in order, in the best case, to achieve more visibility. It is also to be expected that, in addition to the large index, such cumulative figures can be used to become more aware of the concerns and needs of the large group of smaller companies.

Self-employed people can now become a part of the “Wir im Ifo” initiative enter with relatively little effort. After registering, you will then receive a monthly questionnaire by e-mail and can thus show you what the business situation really is in the economy. In the pandemic in particular, it was a point of criticism that was frequently raised that the majority of companies, especially self-employed people from the creative and internet industries, overlooked their problems and that their problems were not sufficiently recognized.

“This ensures that the interests and needs of this professional group become visible for the first time ”, emphasizes Matthias Henze, CEO at Jimdo. “We cannot afford to see and understand self-employed and small businesses again, as was sometimes the case during the corona pandemic.”

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