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“If you take out the people of Gujarat and Rajasthan”

New Delhi:

Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiari has landed in controversy for He says so if Gujaratis and Rajasthan are taken out of Maharashtra will not have money left. During a speech yesterday, the Governor of Maharashtra said, “If the people of Gujarat and Rajasthan are so removed From Maharashtra, especially Mumbai and Thane, no money Will be left over here.”

Mumbai won’t be able to remain The financial capital of Country ‘Mr. Koshiyari added.

he is made Statement after the naming ceremony of chuck in Andheri, western suburb of Mumbai.

A statement issued by Raj Bhavan stated that Koshari praised the contribution of Rajasthan – Marwari and Gujarati Communities in make mumbai financial capital of Country.

Rajasthani – Marwari said community He lives in different parts of country and also in countries like Nepal and Mauritius.

Wherever the members are of this is community Go, they don’t just do that businessbut also doing business of philanthropy creating schools and hospitals.

Several Shiv Sena leaders and Congress criticized Kohisiyari and demanded an apology.

MP Shiv Sena Sanjay Raut today denounced the remarks saying the governor had insulted hardWorking in Marathi people.

“Soon after the BJP sponsorship Chief Minister Came to me powerthe Marathi man is being insulted,” Mr. Raut tweeted in Marathi.

Congressional Leaders Jeram Ramesh and Sachin Sawant also He tweeted the video and said that the governor should Does not have a made statements.

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