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If “victimization” of party leadership continues, government ‘nowhere to hide’: Imran Khan – Pakistan

Former prime minister Imran Khan on Friday one time more warned government against “guilty” leaders of PTI and if they kept doing it, his move would be head to Islamabad, and “no leader can find place hide”.

Shooting broadsides at government in public meeting in Gujrat fortress of PML-Q allies, Imran claimed “ill-treatment” of his party leader Shahbaz Gill, leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly Halim Adil Sheikh and journalists like Jamil Farooqi should stop, warning what a sequel of such actions will have consequences.

He said coalition government won’t”win this is match come what may”.

Imran encouraged the youth of country forgear up” for in challenge go ahead and prepare yourself for Traffic against in government – which he repeatedly called “import”.

“This is an import. government took accusation of in government through conspiracy and main the goal was to close their corruption cases,” Imran said, urging people go outside in big numbers when he signals them.

He beat the incumbent government for complain about inflation when PTI was in power.

“Gasoline was Rs 150 per liter and diesel was sold at Rs 145 per liter during PTI. in power. It’s imported government raised fuel prices to more than 80 rupees in just four months, he complained.

He claimed that his government was also implementing the program of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but “we are not allow inflation will explode.”

Imran claimed he was kicked out because he wanted “people- friendly foreign policy”.

“If Russia gives us oil with a 30 percent discount, why am I should No buy It? If India can purchase oil is cheaper ratethen why can’t we?” he asked.

Calling Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, PPP Chairman Asif Ali Zardari and Maulan Fazlur Rehman “three stooges”, Imran said the trio “colluded”. with their foreign bosses” to overthrow elected government in to get a reprieve in corruption cases.

The head of PTI said he was trying to “wake up” the nation for real freedom.

He said it was commendable to note that people was aware of the problems.

“I hope this revolution will bring our country to the point our founding fathers foresaw,” he said. added.

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