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“If the loudspeakers are not removed from May 4th…” Raj Thackeray’s warning at the Aurangabad Mega Rally

The controversy over loudspeakers intensified in Maharashtra after Raj Thackeray, chairman of the movement said on Sunday that if the speakers are not removed From above the mosques, to him party workers will play Hanuman Chalisa. he is also Be warned that from May 4th onwards, the speakers are not removed”we won”Don’t be silent.”

“What happens next in Maharashtra, I don’t know. me want To tell the cops here (to go) out And start Remove these loudspeakers now”, he said. Maharashtra Chief Navnirman Sena said that as of May 4, all Hindus should play Hanuman Chalisa in double the size of Loudspeakers over mosques. If they don’t understand (Muslims) well, we will show for them power of Maharashtra, is added.

“Remove all loudspeakers even from temples and other religious places, but first He said in a huge gathering in Marathwada Sanskrutik Mandal in Aurangabad.

“If Uttar Pradesh can do it, why can’t Maharashtra do it?” Thackeray asked. he is also made clear that issue It hasn’t been brought up now, but it’s been discussed in The past very. “A reporter asked me why I suddenly asked for deportation of Amplifiers. Did you say “suddenly”? no. This has been brought up before as well.”

Is also added that issue of Loudspeakers are not religious social. “But if you make it religious issueWe will answer it with said the head of MNS.

Thackeray recently sparked a huge controversy by giving an ultimatum to Uddhav Thackeray government in Maharashtra that his workers will play Hanuman Chalisa near mosques to flood azan Even the authorities operate loudspeakers in mosques. The statement drew various Political reactions from all sides, with The latest couple Amravati MP-MLA, Navneet Rana and Ravi Rana were arrested after a face-off with chef sina over The issue.

I had the Aurangabad Police set a total of 16 terms And conditions with giving permission to the head of the MNS to hold the rally. Requested by Thackeray avoid using offensive Religious, sectarian and regional slogans and references during or after the gathering. The public The address was of great importance because it came one day before India’s celebration of Eid and the deadline (May 3) of Anti Thackeray Speakers campaign on Mosques approached.

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