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If taking mosques helps solve Let them have problems: Mehbooba Mufti

Chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Party (PDP) Mehbooba Mufti on Wed said if he “taken” the mosques, Lal Kela (Red Fort) or Qutub Minar can help resolve pressing issues such as unemployment, price riseand poverty “I urge Muslims to of This country to let them (Hindu right-wing groups) take whatever they want want”.

The head of the People’s Democratic Party was referring to the demonstration of Hindu right-wing groups in Qutub Minar in Delhi on Tuesday, it seeks to rename the monument ‘Vishnu Stamph’. Mufti added“However, no destroy Hindu-Islamic Unity of Our country and constitution for which – which.”

in the title party Workers in srinagar former President of Jammu and Kashmir minister Groups calling for a mosque said should Not allowed to become cause for violence. “Masjidein lete hain toh lene do, magar inko khoon kharaba karne ka mauqa mat do. Yahi chat hin (if they want Let them take the mosques. but not give With them cause for violence. that’s what they are want). “

The head of the HDP went if the dismantling of mosques “helps you achieve anything, please do it” on telling right-wing groups, adding: “We (Muslims) can pray anywhere, even on the side of the road. We don’t need a building To pray, we can kneel down before God at all place. “

The former J&K CM also Reply to the Supreme Court’s note on Chapter 124-A of the IPC (Sedition Law) says: “If a student activist or politician speaks sedition law is used. against With them. So if our state does not stop now of affairs It will be worse than Sri Lanka. And this hyper-nationalism led them to it.”

The Mufti said she hoped “the BJP can take a lesson from… events in Sri Lanka and an end to the sectarian and majority tensions prevailing today.” She added”Sri Lanka in This case because they continued to seize issue of religion for Several years, members of The same family complete to rule over The people. Just way The Bharatiya Janata Party used to rule this country for The last Eight years old also Keep fueling Hindu Muslim issue. “

The former CM . said people of Jammu and Kashmir believe in Peace, Harmony and Minority Communities in Kashmir lived here in peace. “We should we should show To them what unity and brotherhood look like like. “

Referring to the last episodes of Demolition of Muslim homes in slash of The Mufti said: “It is unfortunate that way Minorities are under attack. Their homes are bulldozed and their lives are in danger. Judgment does not come for automatic knowledge of These accidents that are should perfectly. “

Emphasizing the difficulties it faced people of J&K are facing since cancellation of Article 370 in August 2019, the only mufti said option It was “to stand together”. The former CM Jobs, land and natural resources, he said in It was the union area for “Everyone,” and claimed that “every effort is being made made to weaken us”.


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