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If PTI’s long march results in bloodshed, the government will stop it: Marriyum Aurangzeb

Information Minister Marryum Aurangzeb speaks at a press conference. – PID
  • Information minister says Nothing worries Imran Khan more how fact that Shehbaz Sharif became the prime minister of the country.
  • He says that there was no conspiracy, as Imran claims.
  • Says Imran is trampled on honour of country, allowing the IMF to influence over SBP.

LAHORE: Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb on Sunday announced that if the planned PTI march on Islamabad results in bloodshed, then government take steps to stop it.

Her comment came in answer to former interior minister Sheikh Rashid’s statement when he expressed fears that the planned long PTI march could become “bloody” and demanded “powerful quarters to intervene.

Speaking during a press conference in Lahore, Aurangzeb criticized former prime minister Imran Khan and said that nothing bothers him more how fact that Shahbaz Sharif became the country’s prime minister through a democratic process.

“Incompetent, thief and corrupt prime minister was removed from power through no-confidence movement,” Aurangzeb said, adding that his allies left him because he failed to fulfill his promises.

She went on to say that Imran Khan would not be able to divert attention with his “independence march”. of masses from Corruption scandal with Farah Gogi.

Referring to Khan’s alleged US-backed plot that he says led to his expulsion from government, Aurangzeb asked, “What kind of of the atomic bomb that you made so that the United States would feel threatened by you and seek to remove you from power?”

“There was no conspiracy. Imran Khan is not upset by his dismissal, but he cannot allow Shehbaz Sharif to replace him,” she said, adding that Shehbaz did not receive any vote from a “defector” to become prime minister.

She said that despite in power for Imran Khan is still throwing accusations for almost four years against his opponents.

Moult light on Foreign Imran Khan policy and decision of his government to allow International Monetary Fund to influence over National Bank of Pakistan (SBP), giving it autonomy, information minister said it was Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif who liberated the country of shackled and approached friendly countries for for the sake of of Pakistan development.

“Shehbaz Sharif did not become a beggar by trampling on honour of the country like you,” she said.

Criticism former prime minister further, Aurangzeb said that the PTI-led government silenced the opposition, and media for four years.

talking high of PML-N government, she said: “We have always accepted criticism if it for it is better. We supported journalists when they were bullied.”

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