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If modi government is so big on national security, why won’t these be important defensive assignments? – World

Open Powerful Union Patronage of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi government country military and the general defense establishment looks in inversely proportional to the attentiveness he pays and the timeliness he demonstrates in manufacturing critical appointments for both.

post of main of Defense Headquarters (CDS) remains vacant for over five months after the death of acting general Bipin Rawat in Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu last December, while Defense Minister Ajay Kumar doubles secretary defense production from November 2021. former assumed responsibility after Raj Kumar sitting secretary defense production in Ministry of Defense (MO) was repatriated to his parent Gujarat footage.

“Both positions are critical and failure to fill these vacancies is sign or of indifference on the part government or lack of suitable candidates for or a job, or perhaps both,” said the pensioner of twostar Indian army officer. No one option positively reflected on human resources available inside system or on appointees, he said, declining be identified for commenting on such a delicate thing.

urgency of nomination new CDS has been repeatedly emphasized in security and military circles and in in media in recent weeks, at a time when India is facing a long challenges along their disputed borders with China and Pakistan.

countries military is an also faced with emerging crisis over equipment deliveries from Moscow, as well as back-up service, maintenance and spare parts for this is predominantly Soviet and Russian material after US sanctions on Russia for invasion of Ukraine. These embargoes are an imminent threat over 60 percent of Russian equipment in service with Indian military.

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Equally important is the appointment of in secretary defense production for further governments Atamanirbharta (independence) initiative in military equipment in order reduce import dependence, especially for substitutions for Russian kit. According to MO website, secretary defense production responsible for “Issues relating to defense production, the indigenous population of imported stores, equipment and spare parts, planning and control of departmental production units of defense enterprises of the public sector”.

Briefly speaking, Atamanirbharta it lacks secretary competence.

prime minister ‘not impressed’ with service chiefs

And while there is no credible explanation as to why CDS appointments were continually delayed, some media reports suggested that one reason maybe it’s Prime Minister Modi remains “unimpressed” with heads of his departments. I am writing recently in Business standard, military analyst Colonel Ajay Shukla (retired) stated that after visiting his first Joint Commanders Conference (CCC) in Delhi in September 2014 prime minister reportedly told some confidants that the three countries military not enough bosses in imagination’.

Colonel (retired) Shukla says next year’s briefings prime minister received from the heads of services at the Central Control Commission in 2015 were but again”beaten” and reportedly led to in Modi scolds them for their absence of future vision.

former military officer added that by 2018 the disillusioned Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) had lost interest in CDS appointment, but after a landslide victory in 2019 general elections, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government ended up confirmed his promise and chose general Rawat as the highest in the country military the officer in december that year.

But general Rawat’s untimely death, Shukla said, pushed the issue into the background. back to ‘start line’.

“It is clear that the delay in the appointment of CDS implies the absence of competent current or retired head of service who in government thinks he can deal with many responsibilities, post includes, of that getting the three services to work together is paramount,” an Indian Navy (IN) officer told the bilateralstar.

it doesn’t reflect well at all. on service promotion processes, he added of which ironically supports Modi’s poor score of Indian service chiefs, according to Shukla.

it’s open secret in services promoted by the armed forces, in their complex pyramidal structure, often become rough when higher levels, with multiplicity of insidious tactics hired by officers concerned secure more brass on their shoulders or golden thread on their sleeves and epaulettes. So, cunningly undermining rivals, using political leverage and resorting to other dubious tactics get to the top of this cool pyramid was not unknown and, in recent years have even become more terrible and furious.

Faustian deal between soldiers and politicians have stepped up as well, and this is well known in military circles, what a lot senior service personnel more and more identified themselves with a Hindu nationalist administration led by the BJP which, in in turn shamelessly sought to exploit military achievements for political benefit. Master of senior served and retired military officers admit that since 2014 “political expediency” has been taken into account in several of their operational-tactical plans and broader strategic decisions.

The resulting symbiotic relationship suited both parties.

Ruling party politicians successfully exploited what has passed for military benefits to take on elections campaign drag, in order project reliable BJP processing of national security issues. In turn, the self-centered and greedy soldier in in most cases was rewarded with promotions during in service or gainful employment after retirement, or in in some cases both.

“Rethink” of responsibilities

Meanwhile, one another explanation in ‘foji langar‘ and in media reports over postponement of CDS appointment is reportedly a “rethink” government considers over general responsibilities related with it’s postall of which has accumulated general Rawat on the rise.

Like CDS, general Rawat was also secretary of newly created department of Military Affairs (DMA), Permanent Chairman of chiefs of Staff Committee and military defense advisor minister and to the Office of Nuclear Command of the three services.

Responsible for prioritization of the purchase of material resources for all three services, CDS was also member of The Defense Acquisition Board, which oversees procurement, and the overarching Defense Planning Committee, chaired by the National Security Advisor (NSA) and responsible for delimitation of India military and security policies.

These reports suggested that government considered selling CDS of in post of secretary DMA, thereby relieving them of bureaucratic and procedural burden and leaving them exclusively focused on military has the meaning. The comments suggested that the possibility of do three-star head of Joint Defense Headquarters of the three services, as secretary DMA, but operating under the tutelage of the CDS is reportedly being reviewed by the government.

They are also suggested that the procedures were “tweaked” to include the possibility of retirement of fourstar and even threestar officers as CDS in rank conscious hierarchical environment.

But some senior The officers said what is move, once again revealed the haste in the CDS assignment was initially fulfilled, with thought little of the details and how active officer, in reality to expose its many responsibilities.

“Appointment second CDS without a clear delineation of its operational and administrative responsibilities will only perpetuate a position that has exposed several shortcomings since its inception,” said Amit Kaushis. former Procurement Advisor to the US Department of Defense. Clarity is desperately needed to do this. work effectively and government was five months old in to discuss these issues, added.

Meanwhile, it is ironic that with repeated conversation mo of indigenous people of india military needs, along with numerous incentives and joint ventures in pipeline, i.e. secretary defense production, who principal person responsible for to make it happen, just missing for six months.

Most Defense and industry officials agree that there doesn’t seem to be a shortage. of civil servants to fill vacancies; but probably in this copy too like that of CDS, there is a disadvantage of abilities and talent on offer.

This article was originally published in The Wire and has been reproduced here with permission.

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