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IED man killed device explodes in Jamshoro Officials – Pakistan

Man dies after homemade explosives go off device (IED) he was carrying exploded next to the Deputy Commissioner office in Cotry city of Jamshoro District Sindh early on Thursday morning, officials said.

D.C. Jamshor District Farid Mustafa confirmed the incident, saying the deceased was identified as Allah Bux, according to police and rangers.

Man killed in IED explosion on a place not too far from DC office he said Dawn.comadding that if device was successfully planted, “it would caused destruction and loss of life is like people start visiting me office in morning”.

The Jamshor SSP Javed Baloch spoke separately. Dawn.com that an improvised explosive device exploded in the hand of the alleged suspect and part of his hand exploded up”. He was also presumably bearing remote control to be used for explosion device— stated in the message of the SSP.

He added “suspect” went missing five months ago, but his family did not report his disappearance to the police.

According to the bomb disposal team official Ramzan Kanwar, 200 to 300 grams of explosives and ball bearings were packed in canister to make an IED.

He said Dawn.com that the deceased body was “badly damaged” in explosion.

SSP Baloch said no group took responsibility for incident so far, but involved of The Sindhudesh Revolutionary Army, which claimed bombings against officials and railway lines in Sindh, could not be controlled out.

Bomb Disposal Squad official Kanwar also indicated out that main line of hinterland and down- rural railway also passes some distance from the District of Columbia office.

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