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Identification of odors that trigger migraines by neurologists

Japanese neurologists from the Shizuoka Hospital of the Japanese Red Cross conducted a study and found out which smells often trigger migraines.

Scientific Reports notes that, according to researchers, there are types of odors that trigger or exacerbate migraine attacks.

This was shown by the results of a study in which more than 100 patients suffering from chronic or recurrent migraine took part. More than 50 percent of them cited the smell of perfume, especially the smell of flowers, as the main cause of migraines. In addition, the smell of tobacco or waste, sweat, fabric softener, hair care products, and gasoline can trigger a migraine attack.

Participants explained that they often get migraines in restaurants, offices, hospital waiting rooms, trains, and shopping malls.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.

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