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IDC: Low-code, no-code and intelligent development technologies are expected to develop rapidly


The Low-Code, No-Code and Intelligent Development Technologies (LCNCIDT) market continues to see strong demand for both professional and technical developers. LCNCIDT’s global revenues will grow to $21.0 billion by 2026 at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.8% between 2021 and 2026, according to a new IDC forecast.

Companies are adopting LCNCIDT technologies to improve developer productivity, either by simplifying or eliminating aspects of the development process so that professional developers can work faster, or by providing non-technical developers with tools to create or update digital solutions without the help of professionals. Developers.

“The LCNCDIT technology market is driven by a global shortage of in-house developers. This situation is expected to continue into this decade, creating a strong market for technologies that increase developer productivity or expand the potential developer pool,” said Michel Rosen, IDC. research director. .

The growth of LCNCIDT is driven in part by the adoption of the cloud as organizations turn to the digital world. The benefits of cloud software development include greater flexibility, lower hosting costs, faster time to market, and improved user experience. However, this approach also comes with risks in terms of cost and operational management, especially if the organization does not have the necessary in-house expertise. Vendors that offer LCNCIDT development tools for moving to and managing cloud software development, including cloud-based design tools, IDEs, and DevOps tools, are in a position to help organizations make this difficult but necessary transition.

Many of the capabilities provided by minimal-code and no-code tools benefit from cloud development, and many intelligent development technologies rely on cloud services. As a result, most of LCNCIDT’s revenue has come from cloud deployments over the past few years. IDC expects this trend to continue, with cloud deployments accounting for more than 75% of market revenue by 2026.

The competitive market for low-code, no-code smart development technologies includes products that enable professional developers to work faster by simplifying or eliminating aspects of the development process, and broaden the developer pool by allowing non-technical developers to provide development interfaces that abstract away some or all the knowledge needed to code in traditional development environments.

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