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IBM Introduces New Generation of Power-Efficient LinuxONE Servers

The LinuxONE family of servers is the leading enterprise Linux platform. Designed to run Linux-based workloads in enterprise data centers, they are equipped with advanced features such as encryption everywhere, cloud application development, and 99.999% uptime.

These servers are versatile and support production loads, such as database consolidation, the launch of secure data servers and hybrid clouds, blockchain, and digital asset security. In addition, they have many integrations with, for example, Oracle Database, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Kubernetes, Hyperledger Fabric, Temenos T24 Core Banking software, and Red Hat OpenShift.

According to IBM, the latest LinuxONE Emperor 4 server integrates several new features that help reduce power consumption. They are vocal about this, claiming that a single server can consolidate the same workload that would normally run on four identical x86-based servers.

The new servers also take up half the space of an equivalent x86 while reducing CO2 emissions by more than 850 tons per year, according to the company. IBM said the new mainframe meets customer requirements for improved data center resiliency. According to a recent study by IBM IBV, 48% of industry leaders list sustainability as one of their top priorities for the next two to three years. However, according to 51% of these executives, sustainability is one of the biggest challenges, which can be attributed to a lack of data and technology barriers.

Marcel Mitran, CTO of the IBM LinuxONE cloud platform, said that while data centers make up the majority of companies’ energy use, the technologies they support can also help turn sustainability efforts into action. “Reducing the power consumption of data centers is a tangible way to reduce our carbon footprint. In this context, moving to IBM LinuxONE will help customers achieve the sustainability goals of today’s digital business life, as well as achieve economies of scale and security. goals,” he said.

LinuxONE Emperor 4 has “cloud-like agility,” the system can rebalance resources according to capacity on demand, allowing workloads to be dynamically created and scaled-down, IBM said. The servers are also provided quantum security, with pervasive encryption capable of protecting data at rest and during operation.

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