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Ian McWhirter: The stars have finally aligned for Nicola Sturgeon

I DON’T know What gods does Nicola Sturgeon pray to, but they came out for her on Friday. SNP increased its share of votes and places in local elections, but it seemed almost like a routine – that’s what they do.

However, it was their eleventh electoral victory. in their fifteenth year in power in Holyrood.

And it was devastating one with ranks over ferry contracts, school performance, gender reform, poverty statistics. These little problems just bounce off sturgeon force field.

But Scottish results were just a part of Triumph of Nicola Sturgeon last week. The stars aligned across the UK for nationalists in in completely extraordinary ways. It’s almost supernatural.

The SNP has always distanced itself from Sinn Féin as it used to be a political wing. of Irish Republican Army. Is not want be corrupted by association with in men of violence.

But all of a sudden changed. Sinn Féin has joined ranks of “progressive” nationalism with woman Leader Michelle O’Neill, who now elected First Minister of Northern Ireland. Nicola Sturgeon can do business with her as they work break up United Kingdom.

Miss O’Neill can’t take her role like Stormont currently suspended, and reunion of Ireland is something else way off. But anything that loosens the bonds that bind the components of Union good news for SNP.

NORTHERN Ireland hangs by a thread, dangles on the end of spoiled Northern Ireland protocol. The EU has achieved its goal of retaining Ireland as regulatory colony, and Great Britain shrank as result.

But an even bigger plus. for Nicola Sturgeon was result in England. The Tories were humiliated by losing 350 council seats, but they were not so humiliated that force Death of Boris Johnson.

The longer he remains the better as far as SNP concerned.

Tori’s nimble spin party managers on election night made it seems that while Labor won in London, capture of the Tory bastions like Wandsworth and Westminster, elsewhere the Tories stood firm in red wall. It really didn’t last light of day on Friday.

It was a terrible night way you looked at it. But it didn’t matter much. Boris Johnson looks safe for Now.

Meanwhile, Sir Keir Starmer and his deputy Angela Raynor are forced to resign. over “beergate”, a booze night in Durham session they were present last year during level 2 blocking.

It’s a wonderful twist of events. Sir Keir called on Boris Johnson resigns on same day metropolitan police announced investigation of the parties in Number 10.

Now the Durham police say new information prompted them to investigate Sir Keir, but he shows No sign of we do the same.

Conservative MPs who wanted Boris out over partygate missed the point. Few prospects now of turn in Number 10 until 2024. This is the ideal scenario. for Nicola Sturgeon.

Boris Johnson is hated in Scotland is best recruit sergeant for independence since Margaret Thatcher.

Fate seems to be pushing Scotland towards independence. Scottish National Party dominates at all levels of government in Scotland.

Union falls apart north and south, east and west. Labor becomes party of elite of metropolitan London, its leader suddenly in party dock.

The Scottish Tories are virtually leaderless. British Tories have a toxic leader until 2024.

Local elections in Scotland results could hardly have played better for Miss Sturgeon.

So she could afford the generosity of congratulating Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar. for tory replacement in nominal second place at the foot of in results Table. Talk about weak praise.

Mr Sarwar said he wouldn’t anyway join any coalitions, even if Labor is involved in Cross-party alliances in numerous councils including Edinburgh.

Ross a dead loss
The Tories now have two leadership crises: in Westminster and Holyrood. Douglas Ross is clearly not working. His trigger on party, call on Boris Johnson will retire and then not retire over This is, left he looks like he doesn’t know his own mind.

But the Tories would probably crash too way.

SNiP PR machine projected onto social media continues to portray conservatives as the epitome of of Evil: Eaton Eatons who raise profits people and think climate change is a hoax. There is no obvious alternative to Ross, unless they can plead or bribe Baroness Ruth Davidson to return to running. politics.

The SNP kept Glasgow, against chances even if they passed some of seats on the council for their clone party, Scottish Greens. So terrible state of political opposition in Scotland that the SNP had to create their favorite opposition in in shape of The crew of Patrick Harvey.

Although Mhairi Hunter, a close associate of Nicola Sturgeon, who gave way to the council to Green votes, maybe not so optimistic, having them in tent. I mean, on this shows why SNP need them?

Alex Salmond nationalist breakaway partyAlba, all but overdue on Friday with none of his 111 candidates won seats, and all of his existing councilors lost their seats, including Alba. general secretaryChris McEleney.

Salmon failure
Mr Salmond may have led first SNP government and held a 2014 referendum, but it was written out of history.

The only piece of puzzle left the referendum itself.

Boris Johnson is not going to agree to this yet, and Nicola Sturgeon said last for a week she will entertain only a “legitimate” referendum, one it is sanctioned by the Westminster Parliament. Many SNP members want her to hold an informal “deliberative” referendum, but she does not intend to do so.

After this victory, Nicola Sturgeon may face down Any internal opposition. She will turn the 2024 general election into a referendum. on independence.

It could be last nail in Union coffin.

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