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I would leave the protesters Just Stop Oil on portals, but I can’t, says Met the boss

This prompted Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police Matt Ashmead run over and warn him: “It’s indecent use of horn and I will give You ticket.

“Beep in your horn in our ear doesn’t help, does it? I will give You ticket if you do it again.

“Courts of The law said that if we arrest this is an illegal arrest, so it’s not the fault of the police.

Transport carrier with nine cancer patients stuck inside in mass impasse for at least 30 minutes before it was allowed pass on request of police.

The Telegraph overheard a Metropolitan police officer asking climate activists: “Can you make us favor – there is a van full of nine cancer patients, you can afford pass?

When asked if he would apologize to the detained patients, Sean Irish, 25, replied: who was leading The Just Stop Oil protest did so and said “the disruption is obviously a consequence”.

mr irish added: “They are cured, we hope that their treatment is going very well, but you can’t live. future on a dead planet”.

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