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‘I work just 5 hours a week’

I have never been an entrepreneur. But after losing his job as a sound engineer in In 2009, I had to get creative to make ends meet.

Thirteen years later, at the age of 39, I built two online a business that brings me a combined $160,000 per month in passive income. I also The book “How to get money” was recently published. for What do you know.”

first business I started with The Recording Revolution music and an educational blog that sells music manufacturing courses. second which I started in 2018, teaches people how do money off their passions, like I did. this is the most profitable business thanks to online course and coaching program sales, as well as affiliate commissions.

Graham Cochrane started his first business in 2009. He has since climbed two online company and is currently earning about $120,000 per month.

Photo: John Olson for CNBC Do it

Around 2800 people use my products and my goal this is help more entrepreneurs grow their online businesses working less hours.

My top priorities are spending time with family and be able give back so I set up my work and personal life to be able to focus on those key values.

This is what my typical day looks like like:

In the morning start slowly and easily

I usually wake up up at 5 am – before the kids – because I always want hour to yourself. Sick start with coffee and my bible.

After reading, praying, and writing a diary, I will prepare breakfast. with my wife and wake the kids. Well spend eat together for 20-30 minutes in kitchen before me drop them off to school by 7:30 am

Then I head back to my home office or make a quick one gym session if I in mood.

Graham and his wife have breakfast with their kids in in the morning before talking through them schedule.

Photo: John Olson for CNBC Do it

I work just five hours per week – Monday and Wednesday

Family time is my #1 priority

Radical generosity is the core value

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