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I was beaten twice .. Abeer Moussa: Ghannouchi is the head of a snakeفع

The head of the Free Destourian Party in Tunisia, Abir Moussa, was attacked twice in the parliament, in one day, by her colleagues in the parliament.

Tunisian MP Abeer Moussa is exposed to a new attack attempt in Parliament
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— Arabic (@AlArabiya) June 30, 2021

She was beaten, threatened, insulted and insulted by MP Seif El-Din Makhlouf on Wednesday evening, and was preceded by the beating of her in the morning by MP Sahbi Samara.

Calls for an ambulance

Scenes showed the deputy crying intensely from the severity of pain, and she asked the council doctor to help her

For its part, the Tunisian government condemned the two incidents of assaulting the head of the Free Destourian Bloc in Parliament. The second attack incident, the head of the Free Constitutional Bloc in the Tunisian Parliament, Abeer Moussa, said in an interview with Al-Arabiya, that Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi had recruited people to prevent me from entering the Tunisian Parliament, and described him as the head of a snake.

“Violence is not strange On this council”

She indicated in front of the parliament building that she is being prevented from entering parliament by order of Ghannouchi, pointing out that violence is not strange to this parliament.

She expressed her determination to continue her work despite the attack She also accused the Tunisian judiciary of inaction, saying that it does nothing about the incident, adding that Tunisia has officially become a state sponsor of terrorism and violence.

“Al-Ghannouchi is taking advantage of the epidemic”

and pointed out that The leader of the Ennahda movement is taking advantage of the epidemiological situation, explaining that the epidemiological situation in Tunisia is very difficult, which prevents the people from taking to the streets.

On Wednesday, Moussa was severely assaulted by her colleague, the independent MP Sahbi. Smara, inside the plenary hall of the Tunisian Parliament.

Abir Moussa was beaten

According to what was shown by video clips, MP Al-Sahbi Smara left his seat and went to the head of the Constitutional Party, who was making a direct transmission on her mobile phone, to prevent her from filming, and he hit her with several strong punches on her head, shoulders and from the back, then tried to kick her to bring her down, before That the rest of the deputies intervene, in the presence of the First Deputy Speaker of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, Samira Chawashi, and the Minister of Women, Family, Childhood and the Elderly, Iman Zahouani Hoymel. and the accompanying delegation.


(Anarchy in Parliament)

This incident also caused a state of chaos in the parliament’s session hall, amid a charged atmosphere among the deputies, which disrupted the start of the session.

Parliament session was disrupted for the second day in a row, due to a sit-in carried out by deputies of the Free Destourian Bloc on the platform designated for the Speaker of Parliament, to demand the cancellation of the agreement to create a headquarters for the Qatar Development Fund in Tunisia from the agenda of the plenary session.

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