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I took suo moto of Deputy speaker’s decision after consultation with 12 judges: CJP Bandial

Main judge of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial. – Supreme Court of Pakistan website
  • 12 Judges Agree Speaker’s Decision Is “A Constitutional Matter”, CJP Bandial says.
  • CJP Bandial asks, new AGP will face trial.
  • He says the court did not have time to consider the case of every deserter of PTI.

Main justice took Suo moto notice of ruling against deputy speaker of National Assembly after consultation with 12 judges of Supreme Court, Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial said on Monday.

The 12 judges agreed that the speaker’s decision was a “constitutional issue,” the CJP said during the hearing. of presidential appeal for interpretation of Article 63(A) of Constitution that deals with disqualification of legislators.

At today’s hearing, Makhdoom Ali Khan, the lawyer representing PML-N, was supposed to present his arguments, but he was not in the country.

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When the court was told of Khan’s absence as a paralegal, boss justice said that bench not want put things off further. Then the court was told that the PML-N lawyer would return on May 15.

Chief Justice Bandial also inquired whether new advocate general of Pakistan (AGP) will stand trial but was told that before his official appointment, after which he will assist the court.

While the additional lawyer general, who attended in courtroom, said he wanted bring to the attention of the court that issue of disgruntled PTI legislators were already heard by the electoral commission of Pakistan (ECP) and that the issue will be resolved within 30 days.

CJP said he was aware of this is development and the court did not have time to consider the case of every deserter of PTI.

He’s next added court plans interpret article 63(A) for in future generations of the country.

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In March, President Arif Alvi requested an opinion of the Supreme Court after it emerged that the members of PTI will be on the sidelines with opposition in in vote of No confidence against former-prime minister Imran Khan.

In the petition, the president asked the court whether the members, who Cross party line, should be disqualified for a life.

At the hearing on Monday, the chief justice said PTI counsel Babar Avan, no matter what of how how much the courts criticize, the judges will defend the Constitution. Avan replied that he respects the courts. In response, Judge Jamal Khan Mandohail remarked that he wished to spread this respect among public also.

“Tell people that the courts are open at night, justice added”Once the High Court of Balochistan opened at 1:30 am.”

Lawyer of PML-Q then approached the court and said there were rumors that government May take back President’s address after new advocate general notified. Main justice replied that he hoped new government realizes the importance of link and do not disturb in his interpretation.

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