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I help Ukrainians get British visas, but they can’t find out in decision | Money

I act on on behalf of of a family of four Ukrainians who trying to apply for visas via Sponsorship program of Ukraine. Everyone family the participant must apply individually, and the visa decision sent by email only. Unlike other nationalities, Ukrainians cannot track their applications via in governments British visas and immigration website. One received a travel authorization letter, but three others had their email accounts blocked or suspended, possibly. for security reasons because they were accessed from different places in another countries over short space of time. Therefore, they cannot get a visa. decision. I called support and was told there was no other alternative but to contact the email service providers in the hope that they would resume service.
QC, Grace, Essex

This stumbling block in en already messy system It has also was raised by a Londoner W, who sponsors Ukrainian mother and her eightyear-old son under government scheme. “They applied for visas on the day the apps were opened three weeks ago,” she writes. “They haven’t received any updates since then. on to sonstatus. On the hotline of the Ministry of the Interior, I was told that problems with their email systems. With decisions communicated by e-mail to individuals who had approved visas, maybe not even know”.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed to me that the Ukrainians could not check progress of their visa applications via in government website though it wouldn’t give in reason. Instead, those who have a valid passport must wait up up to three weeks for email notification that their travel authorization letter has been issued. Insofar as government warned them not to make arrangements to travel to the UK until a letter arrives from thousands in uncertainty with No information about when they can expect to hear.

The representative said that those who cannot receive or print the letter should call a dedicated helpline which KK and SH did to no avail. government previously acknowledged that call Center staff do not access to status of applications because Teleperformance, a French multinational company, has contracted with run helpline has been blocked government database for security reasons. KK sponsors family finally got her visas after convincing the CEO of to your email service provider to recover your accounts.

This was announced by the Refugee Council. Observer that it was deep concerned bureaucratic obstacles that have delayed Ukrainians seeking asylum in United Kingdom.

“We hear that visas for all members of a family who submitted applications together are not always processed together, resulting in significant delays in their ability for a trip to the UK. We also hearing this people arose real difficulties with receive emails in general, or they receive emails in different times from others in their familyall of which causes huge difficulties and delays,” said chief executive Enver Solomon. “This is tantamount to putting documents and bureaucracy above people who they have no choice but to leave them homes”.

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