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“I have seen British beaches getting cleaner. Now we are dirty man again’ | News

FROMIford is a beautiful beach. lie between the mouth of Ouse in Newhaven in East Sussex and the Chalk Foothills of Seven sisters, that’s a 2.5 mile detour of pebbles, gently sloping at the western end and more steep at the cliffs where coastal sediments run off up stones.

On Friday it should Was busy with swimmers, sidecars, paddlers and kayakers served by the Holy Cow Ice Cream Stand and volunteer lifeguards. Instead, it was empty.

Martin Craddock, 52, took off the dark spot last Tuesday. of drains pour from a pipe at the foot of rocks. When his video went viral, Southern Water claimed it wasn’t sewage, but “rainwater and garbage/sludge from the sewer.”

Sewage threatens UK coast

It was one of four dumps

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