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I felt like I’m not an orphan… I have a guardian in Sonia Gandhi

One day he noticed, calling the chief Droupadi Murmu as “Rashtrapatni”fresh face battle The line between the BJP, Congress and the opposition party was a slip, Lok Sabha leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury told MANOJ CG. of tongue and judgment party he is using ‘To create an uproar just to divert people’s attention from issues like back-broke down price-riseExcerpts:

I was in Eye of Storm today over Your note “Rashtrapatni” for President Draupadi Mormo. Why did you say that?

The BJP has proven itself to be party can make a mountain out of soil. On Wednesday, we marched to Rashtrapati Bhavan, knowing full well that we would be prevented from moving forward. to me last over one week, we were looking for a discussion in Parliament over price-riseballooning unemployment, agnipath scheme, and misuse of Investigation agencies to subdue opposition parties.

Of those, we were focused on price-rise. but the government was bent on Do not allow discussion. Meanwhile, we have party President Sonia Gandhi has been summoned again And the again by the ED for harassing and harming Congress. Of course we couldn’t remain A mute spectator of this brutal assault on Congress. So we were fighting for justice – justice for The common people who suffer from exorbitant price-riseAnd the justice for Her (Sonia).

While the police stopped us In Vijay Chowk, I talked to a doctor – he asked me what we have strategy I was. I said our schedule was to meet Rashtrapati. I said rashrapati twice And the third time she pronounced Rashtrapatni. It was a slip of Tongue. I realized I used a file wrong word and sounded for The reporter (but) could not find him. We were all detained after a few minutes.

Until late at night I had no indication of that issue it was full up in publicity room of Bharatiya Janata.

BJP says You are intentionally disrespecting the chief and disrespecting the whole tribe, the community, the women, the poor and the downtrodden.

I’m a Bengali speaking person, and I’m not skilled enough in Indian. I was trying to talk in Hindi but I don’t have abundant knowledge of He. She. It was a slip of Tongue. I had no evil intent…not even remotely. Just a few days ago, we all got together in central hall of Parliament at Madam Drupadi Mormo took swear. I have highest respect for The post of president. I have highest respect for women. How can I insult highest constitutional post of Our country, regardless of Who is the resident? The BJP made a fuss for the sake of just diverting people’s attention from issues such as back-breaking price-rise.

What was the conversation between you and you? party driving once issue came up in lok sabha?

During the question hour, whenever we try to upload any of them issue of public Significance, we are not allowed. judgment side used for speeches us This is no other issue It can be uploaded within an hour. but today, in violation of All those sermons, union minister Iranian smriti took The lead I started making allegations against I and Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Almost on the move BJP MPs started screaming…

Keep BJP members on Plays that Mrs. Mormo is from the tribe community I offended someone before me. Remember that UPA under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi enacted the Right to Forest Act. if anyone took special Care of indian tribes populationit was UPA.

Now, under a non-disclosure agreement, the Forest Code is relaxed for service business Interests of A select few of the industrialists.

When an Iranian attacked me by taking my name, I got up expanded my right reply. She was denied the opportunity and the house was postponed until noon.

Then I went to the Speaker of Parliament, begging with for him allow Me too reply To the allegations raised against I. Sonia Gandhi also went to the Speaker of Parliament. She said to him: “I run should given the opportunity to replyIt’s a day with red letters in My parliamentary career. Today I felt like I’m not an orphan… I have a guardian in Sonia Gandhi.

Put out video in Between, regretting. an act party Leadership ask you to do it?

Without a doubt of Apologies to the Hypocrites (BJP). You clearly stated that it was a slip of Tongue. I’m not familiar with Indian. It was a slip of Tongue; I had no evil intent. Leader of Mine party She is a woman. How can I be disrespectful women? They (BJP members) rant about the tribes. I challenge them to have a shabby discussion in Parliament about the situation of Tribes under a non-disclosure agreement.

what happened in home then?

Raised BJP members issue again. Usually the House of Representatives is postponed by intervention of opposition. But today’s Treasury benches disrupted the proceedings. After the House was raised, BJP members started chanting slogans against Sonia Gandhi asks her to apologize. You committed the crime, provided it was a crime. Why are you talking about it? I’m there to be punished. She had nothing to do with He. She. Why was it targeted?

Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi walked through the corridor and asked BJP member Rama Devi…why were they chanting slogans against to her. The Iranians are unofficially interfering. Her gestures toward Sonia Gandhi were extremely cruel, hateful, and rude. Male BJP MPs also surrounded her. I have been treated in very bad method. It was a serious violation of Privileges a representative is supposed to enjoy enjoy. else women Party deputies like TMC and NCP intervened and accompanied them out of the home.

I’m along with other members of Congress, met Speaker Om Birla handed it to her over Letter urging him to investigate the whole matter and those alleged members should are suspended.


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