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I don’t get frustrated with Rahul Gandhi, I’m hardly equal to him

Prashant Kishore announced Mission Bihar today, but not political party.

New Delhi:

Prashant Kishore who announced Mission Bihar today, but not political party Avoid the question as widely expected on whether his discussions with Congress is over for good or they were just on pause the situation. Election strategist also Note that it was too small Fry have no lack of confidence with Rahul Gandhi.

“There is no frustration with Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is like this big man. I am a normal man family – what or what problem can i have with Someone exalted like Rahul Gandhi? I do not have problem with Prashant Kishore told NDTV.

“Call me, talk to me. If he doesn’t call And says he did not do want To talk to me, I can’t talk to him. A lack of trust between equals. I hardly like Rahul Gandhi, ‘Hu added.

It seems that the comments confirm That the leader of the conference refused the meeting with Prashant Kishore in The second round of Discussions between the Strategist and the Gandhis.

Congressional sources said Rahul Gandhi was skeptical of Conversations and he knew Prashant Kishore no join The party From day one.

Is the meltdown of his conversations with Congress means the end of just a pause? “It’s not a question of end or pause. that it big of for them to hear me out And allow Me too share my opinions on what party needs to do. that it up them both want To take my advice or not. Congress does not do that need Prashant Kishore. Congress has a lot people who know more Which more “A capable and expert of Prashant Kishore,” said the strategist.

He emphasized that his point was “minor”. of dispute with Congress was on A working group with powers that had no sanctity in The party constitution is likely to lose its power someday.

Mr. Kishore also Question processing on His apparent refusal to meet with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Sunday, stop up The Chief Minister who He went on Sudden “road inspection” after finding out that PK was not coming.

I was supposed to meet him but I couldn’t. I got stuck in work. If he calls me tomorrow, I’ll go, obviously. but i have great Relations with Nitish Kumar,” adding that it was like a father for him.


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