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“I didn’t gloat”: Imran says comment on Afghans break the shackles of slavery was “distorted” – World

PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Monday said it comment about the Afghans tearing the “shackles of slavery” in commemoration of US withdrawal from their country last year was “deliberately misrepresented” and quoted out of context.

In August, when the Taliban effectively took control of Afghanistan a few days later of rapid advance in the country that Imran was talking about how cultural imposition was tantamount to “mental slavery”, saying that the Afghans “broke the shackles of slavery”.

former prime minister was questioned about these comments today in Interview with sky news and asked to explain what he meant.

“It was deliberately distorted. I spoke in Urdu and Talk of Deliverance of mental slavery,” Imran said, adding that he was referring to the cultural imposition of the West through the English language. language education and acquaintance of Uniform National Curriculum to fix this.

“First time in our history we have one academic plan for everything, and I said, “mental slavery is much worse than physical slavery.” i mentioned afghanistan in the context where they fought for their physical freedom. It wasn’t malice over [the US withdrawal].”

Interrogated on “slavery” of the Taliban of women”and rolls back of commitment to women’s education, Imran said he “didn’t responsible or representative” for in group.

The PTI chairman stated that the prosecution on Pakistan of supporting The Taliban was “propaganda”. “There is so much propaganda and ignorance in this whole Pakistani-Afghan situation,” he said, elaborating on fall and damage in pakistan as result of participation in US-led war on terror.

“We were accused for absence of success in Afghanistan. What happened in Afghanistan has nothing to do with us” said Imran.

Asked if he was “glad” to see the Taliban back in control, Imran repeated his statements about the absence of a military Afghanistan solution. “Is not football match where are you on one side or something else, he added.

The chairman of the PTI was also asked about his trip to Russia and if he regrets his connections with country because of what happened in Ukraine. Imran said that all parties concerned were on “one page” in regards for your upcoming trip, also saying he doesn’t have way of knowing in advance that Russian President Vladimir Putin would announce invasion on his day of visit.

“How could we be punished for Imran asked. He said that against all military solutions solve problems when asked if he condemned the Russian invasion or not.

The owner indicated out that the persecution of Imran of connections with Russia and China ‘assume’ that human rights were secondary for his. Imran replied that “the number one”a priority for he was people who It was elected his.

“I was not elected to fix all the mistakes that happen on in in world. My responsibility was my country. All my relationships, whether with China, USA or Russia were for benefit of our people.”

PTI Chairman points to India’s actions in occupied Kashmir and absence of any condemnation against them. “Permit us also be neutral so that we can take care of our own people,” he added.

Imran was also questioned about his “threats” of a new march if not for the elections announced and what he hoped to achieve from it. He replied: “What every Democrat hopes to achieve from a peaceful protest. show whole of country which is people want one case: elections.


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