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I didn’t feel like I belonged on world scene

“It was me, the girl from Suits,” she said, referring to the US legal drama. in in which she starred before meeting Prince Harry.

“I was surrounded world leaders, humanitarians, prime ministers and activists that I had such a deep and long-standing respect and admiration for… And I was allowed to draw up place at the table.

“I was so amazed by this experience, I think I even kept my paper place-marker with My name on It.

“Just proof: proof that I was there, proof that I belonged, because truth was, I was not sure that I belong.”

duchess dressed up in a bright red jumpsuit, continued, “I was so nervous, I doubted myself, and I wondered if I was good enough to be there?

But she added what One Young World “saw in to me, just As I can see in you real and future”.

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