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Hungarian leader Viktor Orban addresses CPAC in Dallas amid ‘mixed-race’ backlash


DALLAS – Viktor Orban, Hungarian prime minister who consolidated the autocratic power with hard- right wing opposition to immigration and liberal democracy will appeal to an adoring crowd of thousands of Americans in Dallas on Thursday.

His speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) took place despite Orban’s claims. latest controversy: speech in which he scolded against Europe becomes “mixed” race”, saying that the Europeans do not want to live with people from outside continent. One of his own closest advisers resigned in protest, calling the performance “purely Nazi”.

But Orban has found advocates among prominent American conservatives, including former President Donald Trump, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, and Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance. On his way in Dallas, Orban stopped by to visit Trump at his golf course. club in Bedminster, NJ In a statement, Trump called Orban a “friend” and said he appreciated his point of view. “Several people know how much about what’s going on on in in world today,” Trump said.

On Wednesday, Carlson defended Orban from negativity media coverage of speech.

“So Viktor Orban is now a Nazi because he wants to national borders? Carlson said. Carlson helped raise Orban’s profile in the US with a special broadcast from Budapest last year, during which he praised Orban’s Hungary as role model for Americans.

“It’s a shame,” said Al Cardenas, a Republican operative. who formerly led the American Conservative Union, which organizes the CPAC, and critical of in group since then. “In the middle of conflict between Ukraine and Russia, it is unforgivable to invite a pro-Putin leader.”

Matt Schlapp, who heads the American Conservative Union, defended Orban’s invitation in title of free speech.

“Let’s hear what this man has to say,” Schlapp told Bloomberg News. “Let’s see what he says. And if people have disagreements with something he says should pick it up.”

Some at the convention on Thursday said they were eager to hear Orban clarify his remarks. on race.

“Like a man who I’m mixed race I’m in mixed-race relationship, I like to see what he’s going to say to that, add something positive to it,” said Raven Harrison, a failed primary candidate. for Congress from outside Dallas. “I don’t want to abuse him for what at the moment.”

Orban’s appearance in Dallas comes after CPAC spin-off hosted in Hungary in May with Trump’s videotaped address. in who he says he is “honoured” to support Orban’s recent re-election.

AT power since 2010, Orbán has come to dominate and change the political system of Hungary. system not through a Soviet-style police state, but through a constitutional changes and weakening of civil society. He alienated NATO allies with opposition to the punishment of Russian President Vladimir Putin for invasion of Ukraine. Orban’s rise isolation in Europe has added the urgency of his longstanding initiatives to strengthen relations with USA through the Republican Party.

CPAC Hungary was celebration of Orban’s policies, including his removal of main stream media. Several of the media applying to cover the conference were denied credit. Schlapp said it made little difference coverage.

“I went out and gave a press conference and they still called me a white nationalist,” Schlapp recalled. “I was likeI don’t know if that’s so good if that’s what their editors want on them writing”.

In his speech at the CPAC in Hungary, Orban did not discuss race and focused more on in celebration of national personality and traditional values ​​that excite American conservatives. The Hungarian leader called his country a “laboratory in which we have experienced as an antidote to Progressive domination,” listing twelve points for conservative success — from the priority of economic growth to the exhibition[ing] your enemies’ intentions”.

This approach clicked with American conservatives. Under Schlapp’s leadership, the American Conservative Union organized more CPAC around world as well as also invited right-wing populists to speak crowds in United States.

BUT year before voters in Britain voted to leave the European Union, Brexit party founder Nigel Farage got a high-profile seat for the CPAC. Three years later, the crowd heard from Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, politician and niece of Marine Le Pen, standard-carrier of far right in France party. After the 2018 elections of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Schlapp group started holding conferences in Brazil where the politicians from leading right wing party discussed how win left which “denies family values.”

Vance, author of The Village Elegy and Republican candidate for Senate in Ohio, said in conservative Scientific Conference last year that “the childless left undermined America and he pointed to Orban policy of generous tax breaks for parents who have three or more children.

Why can’t we do it here? Vance asked. Why can’t we promote family formation?

After Orban party won This is the year of the election, One America News host Jack Posobiec celebrated on podcast hosted Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA. “It costs for nationalism. It costs for borders,” Helper told Kirk. “It costs for sovereign national personality for his people and standing up for a new type of of conservatism when it comes to tax cuts for corporations; [it’s] about taking family unit and center it.

Both Vance and Posobec ​​will speak at the conference on Friday.

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