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hundreds of villages are carved off how floods wreak havoc in Sindh


Dozens of thousands were trapped like hundreds of villages in Sindh were carved off from rest of province due to the high level flood in Indus river.

Small towns including Khairpur Nathan Shah of Dadu and Sehwan District of Jamshor district was flooded with flood waters at the water level in Manchar Lake continued rise on Saturday.

An evacuation alert has been issued also was released for nearby areas after water level in Lake Manchar rose 122.5 feet.

Inhabitants of in area worried about sudden rise in water level provided of The embankment of Lake Manchar has deteriorated.

At the same time, migration of residents of neighboring villages of the lake continues after the crack in embankment.

hundreds of locals gathered near the embankment in trying to protect him like hundreds of villages fear flooding due to the crack.

flood water can also submerge national highway, including city of Matiari district with a population of 400,000 if the embankment was breached.

Likewise, 56,000 pieces of water has entered of Khairpur region.

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Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah also took antenna view of various protective dams, including the Larkana quay – Sehwan (LS), and said that they are not weak, but vulnerable and hopefully survive. with constant efforts of Irrigators and district administration.

Main minister together with provincial minister Taimur Talpur flew to Sehwan, where took antenna view of various embankments, including Manchar-Containing Embankment (MC), MNV Embankment, Johi Branch, and LS Embankment of Indus river.

CM Murad said that these embankments are vulnerable, but irrigation engineers are watching and working. on their fortification day and night. He hoped that their efforts would protect Shevan, Mekhar, Johi, Dada, and even Larkana.

Murad Ali Shah said that the level of Lake Manchar was recorded at 122.75 RL. on Saturday bye level of its waterfront, known as the MC Bund, is 128 RL.

He added that the winds of The south caused the waves to wash over. “There is rock toss, but the wind is so strong that it causes waves to wash over, so more stones required for pitching, he said and added stones were placed for goal.

The boat is capsizing

At the same time, at least five people, including a woman and three children, drowned in Indus like a boat carrying 15 flood-affected people overturned near Jamshoro.

ten people were saved, while all the victims were from the same family.

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