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How Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz gave Kathy Barnett an unexpected revelation in Pennsylvania

“As much as people support Trump, hey, he’s not God,” said Gary Smith, chairman for constitutional republicans of Western Pennsylvania in Jefferson County who personally plans to vote for Barnett. “He made a mistake. I think that it’s one of he has the worst mistakes made in his approval, because Oz is everything we are not.”

Smith added: “This is Trump country. year then all the signs remained up. … But I would say right now, 90 some percent of our group probably going vote for her.”

Barnett campaign was amazing success in in final months of in primary, according to senior Pennsylvania GOP and county officials, many of who were impressed by the durability and strength of author and commentatorsenate application in in face of unmatched money.

That persistence was rewarded this week when the line of Republican groups announced they were going to give Barnett last minute, big money support. Club for Growth, Chief Republican super PAC has reserved nearly $2 million in ads on on behalf of of Barnett on Tuesday, according to AdImpact ad tracker. And two anti-abortion organizations – super arm P.A.C. of Susan B. Anthony List and the Catholic Vote – announced on On Tuesday they supported Barnett. Both groups are now planning use its vast nationwide networks to help in conservative candidate.

While the top two Republicans in in raceOz and former hedge fund manager Dave McCormick, self fund your campaigns and spend millions on TV commercial, Barnett crossed the Commonwealth in relative obscurity, holding events with a range of Republican groups spending little money on television and winning over many of activists who I will do up electorate in Primaries Tuesday.

“She becomes out in in public go to these events and meeting, not just members of the committee, but also the local residents of Lee.” — Joe Wishot, Chairman of This was stated by the Republican Committee of Lehigh County. of Barnett, who recently upstaged its more affluent rivals by winning the county party’s Straw Poll.

Wishot said that while there is a subset of in party who we will vote for whoever Trump supports, many are not so attached to former Presidential support how they search for someone who they believe embody former The president.

“It resonates” he added noting questions about Oz conservative login details. “Some people we will vote for Oz because Trump says yes, but this is not always the case. They love what Trump has done and they like what is it worth up and wrestling for. This is what she has.”

BUT new A Fox poll released Tuesday showed a wide-open primary with Oz is 22%, McCormick is 20% and Barnett is 19% in the survey. of error — and 18% of Republican voters are undecided. Barnett’s position was up ten points where was she from in Fox March Poll. And if Barnett can capitalize on the narrow focus of the top two candidates on each other and pull off unexpected victory in Primaries on Tuesday, it will be, in part because of response to trump decision support Oz.

“MAGA does not belong to President Trump,” Barnett said in a recent debate to explain why she did not receive former Presidential approval. “Although he coined the word, MAGA actually belongs people. Our values ​​have never, ever shifted towards President Trump’s values. It was President Trump who shifted and aligned with Our values.”

This is strategy Barnett had for months. Smith remembered what Barnett had told him back in October 2021 what her strategy was to hug Trump and fill in a gap when the best candidates hit each other with clubs with negative ads.

“She told me, ‘I’ll let the top three just hit each other up and i’m about to slide in and win”- recalled Smith. – And I think that this girl in like this is the Kentucky Derby winner just did. It’ll be close…but I think she’ll pull it off.”

From losing 2020 to upstart Senate campaign

Barnett is a relative newcomer to elected politics and her book, and campaign website rare on details about her ties to the Commonwealth. She ran without resistance in Republican congressional primaries in 2020, only to lose 19 percent to Democrat Madeleine Dean. points for seat in Congress in suburbs of Philadelphia.

In his 2020 book, Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: Being Black and Conservative. in America,” says Barnett. how she grew up up on very small farm in southern Alabama in a one stop-sign town,” in a house with no running water or toilet.

In a recent debate, Barnett — mother of two who decided to teach her at home children — also said she was “a by-product of rape” when 21-year-old man impregnated her 11-year-old mother. She said she turned the trauma into the life she has now using it’s about these voters who against abortion.

The book is coming on detail Barnett’s views on be conservative, how she is associated with black with to be a Democrat – “I was born in the Democratic Party just how dark-skinned I was born,” she writes, “and how Trump 2016 campaign and his appeal to black voters inspired her views on conservatism.

Due to her “filthy poor” upbringing, Barnett website says she will go on finish college, serve for 10 years in army reserves and went on as for work and teach corporate finance. It does not talk about Barnett’s ties to Pennsylvania or when she moved to the state.

What’s with Barnett campaign not enough in funding – she spent a measly $160,000 on television advertising compared to $13 million for ounces and $12 million for McCormick is made up for in energy. County officials tell CNN Barnett is by far the most responsive of Senate candidates who frequent events in rural areas of condition and pastime with activists and voters. Barnett spots also focus more on questions like rising prices than they on tearing down her opponents.

“I know what matters most to you and your family, because I am you,” she said. says in recent video. “All up. Our ability to live shrinks. Biden did it.”

Barnett has also put on the map out far-right positions popular among Republican activists. She is proudly skeptical of coronavirus vaccine – her Facebook photo features one sign: “HIRE THE UNVACCINED” – and she said that politicians on both sides of the passage “allowed COVID-19 to trump the Constitution.”

She is also usually sprinkles his stump with speech with unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud in 2020, arguing that the Republican Party should “absolutely not” move on from talking about last elections and times claiming there were “violations” in her overwhelming defeat for Congress.

She supported state senator Doug Mastriano’s bid to become governor. Mastriano one of the most outspoken supporters of the Commonwealth of lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

Mastriano, who polls lead republican in The gubernatorial primary reciprocated the support by endorsing Barnett, and they have been campaigning together ever since.

“Because you are a liberal”

Despite the fact that Barnett decided not to make her the main opponents focus of her campaign, she usually blamed Oz and McCormick of fake conservatives whok win Senate seat, moved to Pennsylvania for basic. Both high-ranking Republicans were accused of be carpetbaggers: Oz until recently lived in New Jersey, and McCormick used to reside in Connecticut.

strategy obviously got under their skin – especially Ozu.

At the March forum, Barnett was pushy. in her attacks of Oz, claiming that race was “no conversation show”and that the voters of Pennsylvania”need people who understand what the problem is and who don’t just sit in room, learn to say points and then come back and parrot them us.” She left on claim that Oz has tried his entire career to be “a liberal working alongside Oprah and Michelle Obama”.

Oz broke out in a commentGiven rules of the candidates specified on the forum should not have attack together. Oz trying to make a difference on Barnett used his closure to ask, “Are you should everyone asks themselves, why is everyone attacking me?”

Barnett, undaunted, interrupted, “Because you’re a liberal.”

It is this militancy that many Trump supporters associate. with in former The President is won over many of Pennsylvania most conservative voters, along with with wish show up.

“She turned out to be real deal,” said Donna DePew, vice president of Wyoming County Council of republican women, group Barnet spoke to in end of April.

Barnett’s campaign, say her supporters, exposed a flaw of base excitation for either Oz or McCormick issue it was exacerbated by Trump decision wrongfully in them eyes — back TV doctor.

“It helped her. I hear very little people in this county or surrounding rural counties who in awe of Oz or McCormick, nor one of them. They are very disappointed that President Trump supported him,” DePew said. who added that while the Republicans will support any candidate in in general, this may be reluctant.

What happened clear when the Susquehanna County Farm Bureau recently sent out an invitation to all Senate candidates for Their spring meeting. Barnett was the Senate candidate who accepted the invitation, President David DeLeon said. of farm bureau in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Barnett showed up in event and spent about an hour with in groupcommunication with members and give a speech about your rural upbringing and your views on politics.

DeLeon, who plans to vote in The Democratic primaries said that although they sent letters to every candidate, they only received a reply to the sender from one — oz — a first for in group.

“If you asked me (can Barnett win) two weeks ago, absolutely no, no chance. Today there is chance now for sure,” DeLeon said. – All I see on TV all the time McCormick and Oz, McCormick and Oz. …I have an opportunity for two big money boys to share down middle and this allows someone to sneak up.”


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