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How to get Dragon Scale in Pokémon GO

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How to get Dragon Scale in Pokémon GO

Evolution from Seadra to Kingdra with Dragon Scale

We get back interesting related information with one of the most prominent titles in the mobile market. We are talking about Pokémon GO . On this occasion we will tell you how to get dragon scale to evolve Seadra at Kingdra


As all fans know, the Flake Dragon is an evolutionary item introduced in the second generation and, in the games of the main saga, equipping it with Seadra and exchanging it, it evolves into Kingdra. However, in Pokémon GO it works somewhat differently (it has no other use in the mobile game at the moment). We leave you all the details below:

How to get a dragon scale in Pokémon GO

  • Can be achieved by spinning PokéStops.
  • The objects Evolutions, like this one, have a 1% drop rate per spin.
    • As you can see, the The probability is very low, however, if we complete a streak of seven days of PokéStops we can get a random evolution item. This will give us considerably higher odds, as long as we have a little patience.

    How to evolve Seadra into Kingdra in Pokémon GO

    • we will need to have 100 candies and escamadragón to evolve Seadra in Kingdra.
    • By doing so, our newly evolved Pokémon will have an added type of “Dragon” in its new form, along with its default Water-type classification.

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