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How did the police whistle? in on Accused, Grisma

In the youth of Parasala death The case, the police described in on grisma based on Suspicion raised by the doctor who Victim’s performance post- the death.

The victim, Sharon Raj, vomited and fell ill on October 14 after eating an Ayurvedic decoction given by Greeshma. he died in hospital on October 25.

ADGP MR Ajithkumar said postDeath has been carried out on October 26 and according to the doctor’s statement, there was no possibility of Sharon consumes anything acidic.

Earlier, the police made a statement of six Persons, including Greeshma, have mother and cousin. Based on on Doctor’s doubt, she was questioned again on October 27. “Then we found Certain inconsistencies in Ajithkumar said.

According to the police, Grisma offered Sharon an Ayurvedic decoction and when he complained of Bitter taste, she gave her fruit juice. Shortly thereafter, Sharon felt unwell and started vomiting. he is left to her house with Friend.

“Sharon’s vomit was bluish-green in color. Such a change in color is usually noticed if the liver and kidneys are affected. postDeath did not show antiquities of No consumption of acid. Therefore, we came to the conclusion that this is something else that may have affected the liver and kidneys. Then we looked at the possibility of Pesticides, including copper sulfate,” Ajithkumar said.

By then, Grisma admitted that she had poisoned Sharon and the cops recovered a bottle of Kapiq, a herbicide. This means it was not copper sulfate caused coloration of vomiting;

“We popped up out who – which one of the ingredients in Kapiq is an acid blue dye, which led to our assumption of how “The color of the vomit has changed,” Ajithkumar said.

The police are expected to arrest Grisma on Monday.

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