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How Cassiy Johnson Made Over $766,000 with Side Hustles Without a College Degree

A Woman’s Side Hustles Help Her Achieve Financial Success Without a College Degree

Cassiy Johnson has found a way to earn more money than she ever expected without a college degree. After being furloughed from her daycare sales job in March 2020, Johnson discovered the world of “print-on-demand” side hustles through a YouTube video. She began creating T-shirt designs and selling them on Etsy, using manufacturers to print and ship each order. Over time, her side gig evolved into multiple revenue streams, including a successful YouTube channel with over 126,000 subscribers.

Johnson’s print-on-demand store alone has generated over $766,000 in revenue since 2020, with her most successful month bringing in $100,900 in sales. However, she recently faced challenges when a surge in publicity led to a decrease in her store’s sales conversion rate. Undeterred, Johnson has already started a new print-on-demand store to continue her success.

A Journey from Struggles to Success

Johnson’s path to success was not easy. She grew up in a small town in Michigan, became a mother at 16, and dropped out of high school. She worked various jobs to support herself and her family, eventually earning her GED. At 19, she found success as a salesperson at a furniture store, where she became the top performer.

Despite her achievements, Johnson felt limited by her lack of a college degree and sought better opportunities. It was during this search that she discovered her talent for entrepreneurship and decided to start her Etsy store. This allowed her to leave the world of sales behind and focus on her own businesses.

The Power of Confidence

Johnson attributes her success to her confidence and mindset. She believes that cultivating a winning mindset, setting goals, and helping customers find what they want are essential skills for any entrepreneur. Her past experiences and the self-help books she read have given her the determination to put in the necessary hours and overcome any fear of failure.

Leadership experts also emphasize the importance of confidence in achieving success. It can lead to impactful decision-making and set individuals apart in the workplace. Johnson’s confidence has allowed her to run her three businesses effectively and continue to grow.

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