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“How can a watchman stay neutral during a robbery?” Imran asks.

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan criticized out on his political opponents over accountability amendments to the law stating:how can the watchman remain neutral when the country is being plundered.

Speech at a ceremony at Edward’s College in Peshawar on Friday, Imran took a veiled mockery of the establishment that says “Whenever someone claims to be ‘neutral’, consider them an animal.”

Imran said that the country’s political leadership came from educational institutions and added that effective education system produced great leaders.

He said that the only difference between a civilized society and a violent society is that justice.

” path of destruction is coming in front of you in coming days… NRA has been handed over big thieves and their cases are closed,” he said, referring to the amendments to the NAB, which deprived accountability courts of jurisdiction to hear allegations of corruption of many political tycoons.

Citing the acquittal of PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz in Link Avenfiled, Imran said that if cases of bribery worth billions of rupees continue to forgive then the country will not future.

Imran said “thieves” who plundered national wealth received assistance in cases of corruption, while the nation was “pushed into debt and inflation.

He added what in white collar crime all over in the world it’s a responsibility of accused to explain his sources of wealth.

“But these people changed NAB law to NAB prove It.”

Speaking of borders on media freedom, said Imran: “If you have to impose a ban on social media and TV channels later who will protect the interests of country?”

former prime minister said that since “imported government” join in the power of the rupee fell by 33%.

Imran said he is preparing the nation for for his final call against current rulers. “I’m not afraid of nothing, not of prison neither of my life, but I will never accept these thieves,” he said. added.

Imran said his advertised ultimate call for protest against force in government to call early elections will last and “dot of no return.”

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