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How Aftab Poonawala Covered Up Shraddha Walker’s Murder With Water, Rs 300, Bell Key Idea, Say Sources

Delhi police in Mehrauli locality is where Aftab Poonawalla and Shraddha Walker lived.

New Delhi:

Police are investigating why Aftab Poonawalla, who He was allegedly killed live-in Shraddha Walker’s partner and cut it body into pieces in Mehrauli Delhi, it’s over up Obtaining a free water bill, even if it is 20,000 liters, every month. The faucet runs constantly to mask any chopping sounds and hot water to wash away blood off The bodyand mixed chemicals with Water to remove stains from flat – These are the theories being considered by policemen about an outstanding bill of Rs 300, sources said.

most homes in The colony gets a ‘zero’ bill for 20,000 liters – roughly 35 buckets a day – that is more than enough for a family. The couple moved into the rented apartment on May 14, but Aftab Poonawala has been living alone since May 18, the day he allegedly killed Shraddha Walker, investigation says.

“The water bill is surprisingly high,” said Rohan Kumar, an apartment owner and father, Rajendra Kumar who He said the rent was 9,000 rupees a month. The sources said the lease agreement has names of Both: Shraddha firstThen Aftab. Use rental transfer online Between the eighth and the tenth of That’s why I didn’t need to go to the flat,” Rajendra Kumar said every month.

Both of they call Center staff, they were living together in Vasai in Maharashtra, their hometown near Mumbai, before moving to Delhi.

How Aftab Poonawala Covered Up Shraddha Walker’s Murder With Water, Rs 300, Bell Key Idea, Say Sources

Aftab and Shraddha start dating after meeting over Dating app in 2018.

Aftab Poonawalla was arrested earlier a month after her death parents – who He hasn’t spoken to her since last year Because they were upset over Her religious relationship (Hindu-Muslim) – She went to the cops. Shraddha’s friends tell him that they haven’t heard from her in over Two months, during which he filed a “missing” report and later a kidnapping case. Then policemen from Maharashtra and Delhi joined forces to solve the case.

Investigators said this after she was strangled over Argument about household expenses and infidelity, use a knife to chop up The bodyI kept this in a new Bought a refrigerator, threw these over 18 days in nearby forest.

The police asked for permission for Polygraph test on Aftab to strengthen evidence before trial. a report of DNA tests to determine if some body cutting found in Police said the forest is Shraddha will take 15 days.

in pieces of The mystery so far, the police say they have Aftab’s confession, which he can technically undo in court; Evidence that he bought a knife and a refrigerator on May 19, one day after murder; bones found in Woods; the blood found in Kitchen; bank details of 54,000 rupees obtained by Aftab from Shraddha’s account; call records and location data from phones. Shraddha’s bag from the flat; Which father and friend data.

But a knife or saw is used for cutting up The body Not done yet found. Most of the parts of to her body Missing yet. Clothes worn by Aftab and Shraddha on today of The murder I have never found also. Shraddha mobile phone remains It is not tracked.

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