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House passes 40 billion bill to help Ukraine

All 57 votes in the opposition was Republicans.

The measure will next need must be passed by the Senate before it can be handed over to President Joe Biden to sign into law.

This was previously stated by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. in day on Tuesday that after the House of Representatives approved the package, the Senate “will move quickly” for this measure to be passed and sent to Biden’s desk.

Aid to Ukraine was a rarity bright spot of bipartisanship on capitol hill with Democrats and Republicans basically rally around call to help the nation as it stands before the Russians attack.

Legislators released the text of the bill earlier in the next day of house vote. Legislation approved by the House of Representatives provides funding for along list of priorities, including military and humanitarian aid.

The bill provides for an increase in funding the president’s spending cut powers from the $5 billion the Biden administration originally requested to $11 billion. Financing presidential powers to cut costs allows administration to send military equipment and weapons from US stockpiles. It was one of in main the ways in which the administration provided Ukrainians with military equipment fast over in past 75 days of conflict in Ukraine.

Additional assistance accepted in Ukraine in mid-March, $3 billion in this kind of funding has been included. The Biden administration was using that funding to ensure military aid to Ukraine in a series of downsizing presidential packages. latest package of $150 million was authorized. on the 6th of May.

Check also provides $6 billion in Financing of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, another way Biden administration provides Ukraine with military help. USAI funding allows administration to buy weapons from contractors and then provide these weapons to Ukraine, so this method does not pull directly from US stocks.

According to fact list from the Democratic House of Representatives, the funding will be used to help the Ukrainian military and national security forces and go towards weapons, equipmenttraining, logistics and intelligence support as well as other needs.

There will be also will be approximately $9 billion help restock in the US equipment which was sent to Ukraine. This is because many lawmakers have raised concerns about the replacement of US stocks. of weapons that the US provides to Ukraine, especially Stingers and Javelin missiles.

To meet humanitarian needs, the bill will include $900 million in refugee aid support, including housing, injury support, and English language instruction for Ukrainians are fleeing the country.

This measure provides an additional $54 million to be used for public health and medicine support for Ukrainian refugees.

“This package which builds on reliable support already secured by Congress will be decisive in helping Ukraine defend not only its nation, but also its democracy for in world,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. in Letter to the Democratic House of Representatives on Tuesday after the publication of the text of the bill.

House vote comes after Biden’s call on Congress “immediately” pass a new bill on aid to Ukraine, as it warned that existing aid would soon run out.

“Take it to my table in in next a few days,” Biden said. in statement on Monday.

Biden has previously urged Congress pass additional funding to fight the pandemic and new aid to Ukraine in the same account.

But he said on On Monday, when Congressional leaders told him to separate efforts in order more quickly get help in Ukraine. Republican congressmen insisted on two problems moving on separate legislative tracks.

Biden originally asked for $33 billion for help Ukraine seems to be at war with Russia, but Congress offered billions more for food aid and military equipment.

“We cannot afford to delay in this is a vital military effort,” Biden said. in statement. “Therefore, I am ready to admit that these two measures move separately, so that the bill for assistance to Ukraine immediately hits my desk.”

This story and the title was updated with additional events on Tuesday.

Kristin Wilson of CNN, Donald Judd and Ali Zaslav contributed to this report.


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