House of Phillips and Bruno Pereira: Police in Brazil arrest second human for supposed murder’ | House of Phillips and Bruno Pereira

Police in Brazil announced the arrest second human in connection with “supposed murder” of British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenous advocate Bruno Pereira.

Autumn da Costa de Oliveira, 41, was arrested. on Tuesday and held in Atalaya do Norte, an isolated river town where Phillips and Pereira were trying to get to when they disappeared. on Sunday 5 June.

A federal police statement said that Oliveira who known by the nickname “Dos Santos”, was arrested”on suspicion of participation in business” together with his brother Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira, prime suspect, who was in detention with last a week.

Speaking outside police station where both men currently in custody, civilian police chief Alex Pérez told reporters that he was arrested in his home in Atalaia do Norte and did not resist arrest.

“Witnesses installed both of them at the scene. crime presumably took placePerez said. who was surrounded by federal police agents with rifles.

When asked by the Guardian what crime the suspect was arrested on suspicion ofPérez replied: “Suposto homicídio qualificado” (“alleged aggravated crime”). murder”).

Investigators suspect Amarildo da Costa de Oliveira of who known as Pelado, was responsible for ambush Phillips and Pereira as they traveled down ithacai river on in way back from a four-day reporting trip.

federal police also they said they took over the room of shell casings and paddle while executing two search warrants. Forensic experts arrived at the port in Atlaia do Norte with paddle on Tuesday afternoon like a search for Philips and Pereira continued in a patch of flooded forest where indigenous volunteers found several of in menx items on Saturday.

Pelado reportedly denies any involvement in disappearance. Report in Brazilian newspaper O Globo on On Tuesday, he said that during interrogation he claimed that he did not left his home in village by the river of San Gabriel on day men disappeared.

The suspect admitted to seeing Pereira’s boat. on day of disappearance but said he had just left out the next day, when Pelado announced that he had gone to hunt pigs in his own boat.

Police sources claim that Pelado pursued Phillips and Pereira. down river in his boat with four others people, who investigators tried to establish.


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