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House full of traitors


The nation has been locked down in war of words over political ideology and betrayal of constitution since Prime Minister Imran Khan used the word “traitor” against opposition parties and dissidents. of his party just to get yourself and yours party marked as the same in return.

The current prime minister and the legislature of the entire dissolved National Assembly was branded as disloyal to the country and the Constitution, which made the House full of traitors. Both sides call each other traitors, because they believe that the other side violated the constitution.

Dissolved government side says that opposition parties were not loyal to the state; they were hand in glove with United States to oust government across no-confidence motion against prime minister and thus committed treason. In his defense, he hassecret threatening letter”, which the Prime Minister has repeatedly referred to as evidence that the opposition parties move was part of foreign conspiracy.

United opposition side – clearly more in number at the moment – 197 out of 342 in House of Representatives – while denying the allegations says that it was a PTI government that repeatedly violated the constitution in in last pair of weeks.

First, they say, the speaker is not call in session of National Assembly within 14 days and violated the constitutional deadlines. Then they add, government side allegedly repealed the Constitution when the Vice Speaker rejected no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran instead of voting on this is within the seven-day constitutional time limit.

What the government claims it’s a foreign conspiracy, the opposition sees it as a façade just to prevent certain defeat in build and what government side is surprising, the opposition sees in this crime.

In Pakistan, treason is ultimate crime and punishable with death or imprisonment for life imprisonment. Cancel of The constitution is so big crime that even former military ruler general (retired) Pervez Musharraf could not escape that’s how he was found guilty of high treason and handed down death Article 6 sentence of Constitution in in absentia.

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Article 6 of Constitution says: “Anyone who cancels or undermines or suspends or withholds in suspension or attempt or conspiracy to revoke, subvert, suspend or withhold in abolish the constitution by use of force or show force or by any other unconstitutional means, shall be found guilty of treason.”

However, ironically, all traitors of the dissolved assembly reached the Supreme Court, which, apparently, moving ahead of the snail pace.

Not one seems in rush in issue resolution or anger at concept of controlled over or represented by traitors. Those who allegedly betrayed the nation, the country and the Constitution with in help of collaborators and instigators have not yet been asked”how do you feel the betrayal of your own race— anyone who seen Avatar instantly recognizes the quote.

Will there be a higher court give a ruling that would clear line if all of them, half of them, some of them or just favorites of they fall under the definition of to be a traitor, as if not all, then most of they would go back To home with them head held high again and do what they did.

Majority active the forum is commenting on the situation so far social media but, like it or not, it is only used for add more people to list of known traitors instead of have a meaningful discussion.

world obsessed on purification of their respective countries of traitors but here in Pakistan we are done up the transformation of the highest legislative forum into the Chamber full of traitors; who power soon go to the polls again; come back in assemblies; legislate and continue to decide fate of nation, never feeling need remove tag of be those who sold their soul to the devil.

In addition, the trend of call opponents traitors are as dangerous as facing accusations of religious crime. Who would be responsible if someone passes the law in his hands and attack on rival politician? What if attack mutually?

Everything eyes are on Supreme Court now to see if this ends up closing the door on those who repeal the constitution with joyful laughter or go away down in in history like a forum that couldn’t see the forest for trees.


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