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Hours after cropping the name up in Brawl incident, IPS officer relieved of duty Like DCP Dwarka

Delhi Police Commissioner on Saturday issued orders to relieve Prison Service officer Shankar Chowdhury from his post duty In his capacity as DCP (Dwarka District) and ordered him to report to Delhi Police Headquarters.

earlier in On that day, the name DCP . was cropped up in Connection with Incident in a cafe and bar in Kailash Colony, where a woman was injured after being injured hit on The head with Glass.

according to general Diary document, PCR call At 3.05 am a man claimed that DCP Choudhary, after consuming alcohol, broke a glass on his wife head And they fought with someone. designer women who spirits in Noida, she was taken to Max Hospital where she received three stitches. But Delhi Police later clarified in The day the name DCP came up Due to a misunderstanding, the matter was resolved as it was family issue.

Sources told the Indian Express that the woman and her husband They were attending a birthday party organized by real Real estate businessman at the bar. DCP and his family They were at the same time party. The police chief has been notified of The accident is an internal initiative factFinding inquiries and sources added.

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Delhi Police spokesperson Suman Nalwa said, “A PCR call I receive in in early time hours of June 4 at Greater Kailash Police Station in who was mentioned as an officer of Delhi Police, of Rank of DCP, assaults a woman on birthday party in a private club. Next, a video of The victim was received as she stated that she is along with to her family They were celebrating a birthday of a family member.”

She further said, “Officer concerned I was also present (in club) with for him family. During the job, a glass fell on The woman was infected. to her husband He was angry… as one person in The party I was playing with glass at that time. Due to a misunderstanding, the name of dcp cropped up in The upheaval that followed. The issue was resolved as it was family issue. “

commanded on Saturday Evening by DCP (Headquarters) Mahesh Batra, from office of authorized of Police stated: “Shankar Chowdhury, batch 2011 of IPS 2011, is hereby relieved of his post duty Like DCP (Dwarka), Delhi, with immediately effect Direction to the police station for other orders. The issue with approval of authorized of Delhi Police”.

Asked if Saturday’s order and the alleged incident were linked, DCP Choudhary said: “There is no communication from my point of view…and the order has (was) issued by the phq (police headquarters)…so I ask them.”

The PRO police did not respond to whether the two developments were related.

A few days ago, DCP Choudary was criticized by the extra hearings judge, who He was listening to the case filed in Connection with The death of A 19-year-Old Zepto delivery employee in Dwarka.

On May 30, Additional Sessions Judge Lokesh Kumar Sharma noted that the police had planted a witness along the road with to cut of Evidence.

It was ASJ Sharma also Note, “I have to note more here those incidents of this is natureatrocities at the hands of of Police and torture of innocent people in flagrant violation of Principle of natural justice As well as provisions of The level of IPC and CrPC has increased since the appointment of The current DCP of Dwarka district.

“…this outrageous and illegal behavior and behavior on Section of police officers shows that either dcp concerned Not competent enough or lacking in ability of Administrative supervision and control over area and lead police officers for Application of The criminal Law in Its proper perspective, or he is actively involved in Encourage police officials to indulge in like this kind of Illegal activities of total harm of Fundamental rights of The people of this nation.


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