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hospital flu up ten times on last year among “trinity” warningdata from NHS England shows | UK news

ten times more people are in hospital with flu than this time last year, latest numbers show.

Were on average of 344 patients per day with flu in hospital last week compared with 31 seen at the beginning of December last yearaccording to data published NHS England.

It comes under pressure on staffing also with new figures showing that nearly 360,000 NHS staff were absent for work last week due to illness or self-isolation due to COVID-19.

Around 19 in twenty general and sharp beds were taken up – 80% for adult critical care, NHS England first weekly winter update also showed.

Over 13,000 (13,179) beds occupied per day up last week from patients who is no longer needed one – It up a quarter compared with first a week of December last year (10,510).

It follows warning from NHS leaders what it is facing the threat of “triple” of COVID, influenza and record demand on urgent and emergency services.

NHS England launched its annual 111 campaign today I call people to use this is online service reduce “record” demand on emergency and emergency departments (A&E).

People should Still call 999 and go to emergency services when someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is in danger. risk- he said.

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flu infections rise again with young children suffered the most

Flu season is here and it’s hitting the youngest and oldest people hardest

Flu season is already here warning about the crippling winter tension on The NHS is starting to come true.

We follow what’s going on with flu in Southern Hemisphere to try to predict what impact the virus will have on us when winter comes. it hit Australia hard and early and it could be repeated here in in next a few months.

Already hundreds of NHS beds in England was taken up patients with flu every day over in last week, according to latest data. Average of 344 patients per day with the flu was in hospital last a week. it more than ten times the number seen at the beginning of December last year.

Influenza affects the youngest and oldest people the most. It’s especially dangerous for children with major health conditions. Children’s doctors say that the “children’s winter” has begun.

November is when cases of RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) spike. it common winter virus but social social distancing during the pandemic means it has not been widely adopted over in past two years. What also means young children not previously exposed to these winter respiratory viruses.

How cases of RSV start to decline by the end of November flu cases start to rise.

Pediatricians are very concerned about the shortage of intensive care beds for very sick children.

BUT senior The consultant told me: “There were practically no beds in PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). in south of United Kingdom for in last a few days and children waiting sometimes more than 24 hours in ED?

“Situation for children terrible but no one seems to mention. Whereas for adults are always made clear how it’s terrible. It’s probably like bad if not worse for children.”

Sky News reported that there are concerns over number of pediatric intensive care beds available in Some parts of country.

latest data shows last On Thursday there were only 33 vacancies. available in England is lower than ever last winter.

Although the exact numbers may change slightly over in next two weeks, NHS England confirmed that higher PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) filling this month compared to with previous years.

The Society for Pediatric Intensive Care told Sky News: “Many intensive care units are in or over, their staffing of beds. This situation is likely to continue or even worsen over coming months.”

They said there was a shortage of staff and a growing number of difficult patients affect opportunities.

Some hospitals operating on a one in one out policy with patients are transferred to other funds or treated in in community to help ease the pressure, however, that said it all children who need be treated in hospital receive appropriate treatment.

Camille Kingdon, President of King’s College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Sky News told Sky News: “We concerned hear reports of Shortage of beds in the intensive care unit in parts of country. We know pediatric teams exclusively busy like this winter result of Ever rising demand and staffing issues.

Fig file

Professor Sir Stephen Powys, NHS national the medical director said the NHS probably experience its “hardest winter ever” is the year adding threat of “trinity” is very real.

“It never was more it is important to get protection against viruses ahead of winter, he said.

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