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horrible visuals show 5-year-old girl punished by it parents; probe on

New Delhi: horrific video of A 5-year-old girl punished It is widely distributed on social media. In the video, a baby The girl can be seen tied up and tied up on Surface. The girl allegedly was there punished by it parents. the girl in The video can be seen crying as it was left lonliness on Surface with Her hands and feet are tied.

Meanwhile, Delhi Police tracked down location of The accident after intense efforts, the special teams Sent to check it out on Earth.

At first, he thought the accident happened in Karawal Nagar But when the inquiries were madeIt turns out that no such incidents have been reported.

After another investigation, the title was found to be in a area Which falls within the jurisdiction of Khajouri Police Station. But after investigations, it was revealed that no such incident occurred took place.

Since the title was incomplete, it was difficult for the police to track him down downAnd therefore special teams They were sent to check it out on Earth. address and family Their location was determined after extensive attempts.

According to reports, the family He is questioned about this situation and on Advantages, legal action will be taken.


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