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home office contractor gives children hotel food containing worms | Immigration and asylum

The children at the Interior Ministry hotel unwittingly ate the worms that were in food provided to them government contractors, according to The Guardian.

Four-year-old boy not understanding what his food is of fish and chips contained worms, vomiting began soon after I started eating. An ambulance was called and the boy was taken to the hospital.

His father said he suffered the disease together with fever for three days and more family members who ate the same food, experienced similar symptoms. family asked not to identify themselves.

They were placed in hotel in Midlands when the incident happened last month and were subsequently resettled by the Ministry of the Interior.

Environmentalists determined that the food contained parasites. round worms. Conservation Council Officer who was warned about issue said cooking used to kill those worms. “However, I understand that this is unpleasant experience meet one in your food is added.

He said he would visit the hotel to carry out random checks.

family made formal complaint to Interior Ministry contractor Serco. In his answer Serco official wrote: “I can confirm there was an insect of some in food and hotel were made aware of it at that time. At the time, an apology was issued and the housing and communal services staff will check the quality of the food before serving.”

father of in family said the incident was very unpleasant. “Food in the hotel was very bad and we should have call paramedics after my four-year-old son I ate food and I started vomiting,” he said.

this is one of raft of problems identified in Accommodation at the hotel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for asylum seekers. Recent report from the Refugee Council found this hotel use Ministry of the Interior for asylum seekers tripled last year and that many residents expressed concern about poor conditions.

Asylum seekers express concern with keeper about family participants are accommodated separately in different hotels. AT one a case where an asylum seeker was separated from her husband and two children aged five and 12.

father of what family told the Guardian: “Our children need them mother lots of. We applied for help for migrants [a Home Office helpline for asylum seekers] for our family be placed together in the same hotel, but there was no answer.”

Interior Ministry sources said: “Now that this matter has been brought to our attention, we work to house them together.”

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Third family of asylum seekers, who are placed in hotel on south coast of England by Home Office contractors Clearsprings have complained that hotel staff have entered their rooms and filmed some of their property without their permission.

“They are violating our rights,” he said. father. Interior Ministry sources disputed that they entered the family room without permission and said the visit was part of of “standard welfare checks.

Regarding the worm incident, Jenny Holliday, Serco’s contract director for accommodation of the asylum seeker, said: “Obviously this food is not acceptable and should were never served to asylum seekers at the hotel. We have apologized family concerned and we are working with hotel management to ensure that all food corresponds required standards.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “Asylum seekers are provided with safe and secure accommodation funded by UK taxpayers. We expect high standards from all of our suppliers and will look into this particular case.”

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