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Hochul Vetoes ‘Wrongful Death’ Bill Amid Tension With Democrats

Mr Hoylman-Segal also noted that negotiations over already- passed bills were commonplace, with amendments were often adopted ahead of schedule in in year. “But in In this case,” he said, “one had to either take or leave.

Administration officials dispute this assertion, noting that the for the signing of the bill was extended one month later of December, indicating that discussions are ongoing.

Bill passed by both houses in Albany would have reconsidered state misconduct by a wide margin.death statute, pre-war law 1847

The bill would be in line with similar provisions found in the laws in dozens of other states, according to Mr. Hoylman-Segal. But the bill, known as the Grieving Families Act, was strongly opposed by many of interests including insurance companies and hospital associations, as well as the Defense Association of New York, and group of lawyers who usually represent cities and other public legal entities and individuals who sue in tort claims.

Claire Rush, group president, said on On Tuesday, she was waived by the governor’s veto, arguing that the bill was one-sided and did not “take into account due process rights.” of people against which a claim has been filed in state.”

Among others, Ms. Rush group was concerned about retroactive effect of bill, and what she called a flaw of the contribution of “municipalities, hospitals, insurance companies in relation to what effect would.”

“It was just Sort of swept through the Legislative Assembly,” she said.

Opinion article in Daily News, Ms Hochul, Democrat, echoed the sentiment, noting that it had gone through final the committee votes and both houses in one day.

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