HMS Prince of Welsh warship stopped over ‘failure lubricate propshaft’

Royal Navy new £3bn aircraft carrier could stop over a failure to lubricate the propeller shaft, Navy sources said.

HMS Prince of Landmark in Wales mission” in the US hangs in balance and may have to cancel.

Specialist divers from the Royal Navy have been inspecting the ship since it broke down. down on Sunday evening, less than 24 hours after sailing for United States.

Naval sources told The Telegraph that initial thoughts indicated a lack of of lubricant on starboard side at the point of exit of the cardan shaft from the passenger compartment of frame.

Any overheating at this point due to friction could have damaged the metal shaft, the sources said.

better understanding of in the problem on which the commanders-in-chief of the fleet can make decisions is not expected to end of a week.

However, it is considered likely that the period in there will be a dry dock required to properly consider area and carry out repair.

“Significant Damage”

dry dock in Rosyth, Scotland, considered the most likely base for Any maintenance. The object belongs to Babcock.

ship hit the flooded object was depreciated, added source.

65000-ton The ship was transferred from the Sandown anchorage to nearby Stokes Bay. more protected area it would be allow divers for a detailed inspection.

It will take days to move ship to Rosyth, should such decision take – put risk preparation with US Navy, Royal Canadian Navy and US Marine Corps, including flight testing with Fighter F-35.

BUT senior A defense source told The Telegraph they would have to wait for now. for divers to confirm what source of in issue had, they had “a good the idea that problem is”.

Source added: “We think the right shaft is significantly damaged. He does not work”.

Source also said it would prove main problem to fixand they said they would look into how this happened.

“Extremely unfortunate”

Meanwhile, Admiral Lord West, former First Sea Lord, said the time of in issue was “extremely unhappy.”

“You would think when they were testing they might have noticed it,” he said. added.

“If it’s not innate design guilt, it can be quickly fixed, and if so, then someone needs to be slapped.”

However, he said issue there was an embarrassment because of Importance of ships.

“The Americans consider our aircraft carriers extremely important because they need help, as their number of the number of carriers has decreased and they see threats everywhere,” he said. “If the war in Ukraine is expanding and becoming world war, then the front line becomes the sea, because we are a maritime power.”

Departure of HMS Prince of Wales from Portsmouth already was detained over weekend due to technical issue, although it is unknown if these incidents are related.


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