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Hiventures launches energy efficiency investment program

The recently announced Széchenyi Card Program MAX, under which companies can access funds at a net interest rate of 0.5 percent per annum, could help in the current high interest rate environment. This decision can be complemented by a corporate capital program for energy efficiency, under which capital investments of more than HUF 500 million can usually be requested for a period of five to eight years.

Financing is provided to authorized subsidized capital on the basis of a temporary crisis framework up to HUF 500,000. In addition, market-based equity and membership loans are a format for which, although Hiventures asks for a minority stake, the financing it provides embodies the position of a subordinate lender.

Company profile can be energy efficiency or green energy, but this is not a condition; they primarily want to contribute to the realization of the goals and projects of industrial, manufacturing and manufacturing enterprises with a turnover of more than one billion forints, Bence Katona, CEO of Hiventures, said in the announcement. He added that the expected return is much more profitable than other forms of financing available on the market, and flexible financing terms that do not interfere with the company’s operations at the operational level make Hiventures’ solution really attractive.

Capital Fund Manager recalled that the Hiventures corporate business already has experience in implementing energy projects that provide renewable and at the same time diversified energy supplies. Most recently, in September of this year, they announced a long-term strategic agreement with Solar Markt, which focuses on investments in renewable energy, but they also finance several large-scale investments in renewable energy production based on already proven or innovative technical solutions, especially those related to solar energy. They pointed out that the development of a solar power plant has a particularly capital-intensive initial stage, which is still difficult to manage on the credit side. , they have been involved in financing a number of innovative solutions related to energy efficiency and energy production over the past five and a half years. The number of their investments in start-ups on this topic is approaching thirty, the CEO of Hiventures noted.

He announced that they are also launching an energy start-up program to support adaptation to changing market conditions and opportunities in terms of funding and mentoring faster development and growth. In doing so, they primarily target their own portfolio companies, but they also do not shy away from new ventures.

Hiventures venture fund manager, part of the MFB group, Ecosystem with EU and own funds, providing funding from the idea phase to large corporate investments.

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