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“Hive of inaction’: Boris Johnson under fire for approach to final weeks as prime minister | Boris Johnson

For most prime ministers, the belief that their premiership is coming to an end causes a frantic final an effort complete so many of them policy agenda as possible and secure a legacy. Yet Boris Johnson decision to spend his last months to thank supporters in checkers, holding a wedding party and taking holiday a few weeks ahead of time in downing street expires represents the mysterious end for mysterious premiership,” according to one of countries best- famous modern historians.

Sir Anthony Seldon, who wrote books on Blair, Brown, Cameron and May prime ministers and studied the impossible job prime ministers face said Johnson’s approach, in stark contrast with what of his predecessors who had the luxury of planning them final weeks.

He said that Tony Blair and Theresa May are two recent prime ministers who knew their time in office ended – both climbed hard to ensure them final The weeks didn’t go by in vain. David Cameron also planned some final measures, only for his premiership to end prematurely after Andrea Leadsom removed out of Tory leadership race and May was crowned prime minister.

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On the contrary, said Seldon, Johnson final weeks have been “lethargic” since he announced he was retiring. “It happens that prime ministers are either confused general elections, like John Major or Gordon Brown, or poor leadership elections, as was the case with Cameron,” said Seldon. “He wanted do all kinds of things with his last six weeks.

“But when they have time, like Theresa May, they use is to really do all the things that they would have done before onif they had a better sense of rhythm of architecture of premiership. Blair also very carefully planned his departure and went to the very end. He choreographed his departure and how maximize these final weeks.

“Even though it’s all apathetic. It’s strange because story of Johnson’s premiership of incomplete work. The things he cared about were leveling up, getting the Brexit dividend. creating strong economy, creating strong position for Britannia in in the world being the most decisive prime minister on in environment – these things are not complete.

“A lot of of the rest had a whole series of speeches they made finish things as they are want to finish them. Maybe it will happen but time is poignant for him because the country will on holiday before the beginning of September, and then there will be no interest on his.”

Unlike Boris Johnson, his predecessor Theresa May remained active as prime minister in her final weeks. Photo: House of Commons/PA

Johnson was charged of “missing” in action” last a week after it turned out, he went on holiday to the undisclosed location just a few weeks before the end of his premiership. Last month, he hosted a drink party at his vacation home in Checkers during a heatwave. office minister Keith Malthouse Watched Cobra Encounters on extreme weather.

He held his wedding party next weekend at the Cotswolds of major Tory sponsor Lord Bamford. It is said to have included steel band, rum punch, Abba songs and conga. Previously, he was photographed flying in typhoon and training with Ukrainian troops. Johnson went on holiday on Wednesday.

Seldon said that, unlike his predecessors who found themselves in Johnson is in a similar situation. made No. 10 “hive of inaction.” “That would be sensible behavior for somebody who did the job he wanted do,” he said. “He didn’t do those things. This would be reasonable behavior for someone very diligent who came in with all guns are on fire. He didn’t.

“He is finishing true to him. Everything about him is contrary to expectations.”

Representative #10 said: prime minister always been clear this is government should be judged on his actions bring for British people – from taking back control and exit from the EU, protecting lives and livelihoods during a pandemic and out our world-leading vaccination program to leading in global response to conflict in Ukraine.

“As long as he set out his intention step down when new leader in placeprime minister remains concentrated on driving forward his obligations to public. Last but not least, ensuring that families have access to £37 billion. worth of support for households facing rising costs like result of Putin’s illegal war.

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