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Hitman 3 Patch Notes 1.12 Update Today on July 27, 2022 – Game Updates

Stability Improvements 
We’ve improved general stability across all platforms by addressing several issues that could cause the game to crash or freeze.

Unlock Access 
We’ve resolved an issue where players would be unable to obtain level mastery or item unlocks if they encountered a server disconnection whilst transitioning between levels, restarting, replanning, exiting to menu or finishing a level. We’ve tweaked several things to prevent this in previous patches and this additional change will make the chances of it happening even smaller.

We’ve resolved an issue that could cause some elements of the HUD to disappear if players save their game whilst the mission name / location is displayed on-screen in the opening seconds of a mission.
Note: This fix will only impact Steam and Epic players, whilst the issue remains for other players. Our next patch will fix the issue for everyone else.

Side Flash 
We’ve resolved an issue with the HWK 21 Covert pistol, where the muzzle flash was extremely bright and not aligned with the barrel.

Shes Stopped Gurgling 
We’ve resolved an issue where NPC’s could get stuck in an endless animation loop after being injected with a sedative syringe.

Ashen Six 
We’ve updated the description of the Number Six with Gloves suit. Just in time.

Tropical Sheen 
We’ve resolved an issue where the Tropical Suit (Haven Island unlock) was waaay to shiny.

Chongqing Conceal Crash 
We’ve fixed a crash that could occur when concealing an item in a trash can, whilst taking cover in a particular location in Chongqing.

We’ve resolved an issue where the lawyer in Mendoza was holding his phone upside down and the wrong way around.

Photographic Destruction Prevention 
We’ve resolved an issue that could prevent players from earning the Silent Assassin rating in the Dubai campaign mission. Specifically, players who were spotted by a camera and then disabled the cameras via the server room terminal would then be unable to ‘erase recordings’ through the ‘normal’ camera recorders.

Meeting Room Master 
We’ve resolved an issue where players would be immediately spotted when starting at the Meeting Room in Dubai on Master difficulty level.

Lust Keys
We’ve resolved an issue where players were unable to pick up keys during the Lust Assignation Escalation [7DS].

Most People Never Notice
We’ve ended the conspiracy theories in Berlin and removed the barcode from the back of GuestList Man’s head, aka Ziegler. He was never part of Ort-Meyer’s army and now, he never will be.

FSP Audio 
We’ve resolved an issue where the menu music would not resume after viewing a cinematic in the Free Starter Pack.


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