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His family thought he died.. Solving the mystery of the disappearance of an Egyptian young man in France

During the past 6 months, the Egyptian community in France has been busy searching for a young man who has suddenly disappeared and has not been found! However, the mystery was solved after many months.

The story began last May, when members of the community circulated on social media the news of the mysterious disappearance of Eid Youssef Doss from Assiut Governorate, and was not found anywhere. After the search process lasted for several months, his family believed that he had died and his body was cremated, because the French authorities are burning bodies that do not have a grave.

Searched for months..to no avail.

For his part, the former spokesman for the Egyptian community in France, Rizk Shehata, revealed to “Al Arabiya.net” today, Wednesday, that the young man’s family contacted him and told him that Eid’s mother had a major health crisis and was taken to the hospital, after receiving the news of her son’s disappearance.

Shehata indicated that he had contacted the French authorities and the Red Cross, and the young man was included in the lists of “under search” to be searched in all police stations and departments and hospitals, However, it has not been reached over the past months.

He also added that a French Red Cross employee told the community weeks ago that a young man with the same characteristics as Eid had been found in a tent near a highway near Charles de Gaulle Airport, but he It turned out to be another person, confirming that the search process included all departments and hospitals, but to no avail. France, coming from Kuwait in January 2020, and was residing in Saint-Etienne. And he added that after his disappearance, it was found that his passport was lost from him and he does not have any identification papers, adding that it also became clear that the movement of his account in the bank has been suspended since the moment of his disappearance, which means that he did not withdraw any money, so the Egyptian Consulate was informed to help and intervene to solve the mystery.

Through information he obtained, Shehata discovered that Eid’s last appearance was on a metro train, as he was returning to his home. However, he quarreled with a French citizen and broke his nose. From this thread, it was concluded that he was in the grip of the police, who told the Egyptian community that she had not found him, despite their detention.

Mental illness

The Egyptian Consulate explained the situation of Eid to the French authorities, as he suffers from a mental illness. Indeed, I was able to reach him, as it turned out that he was being held in a police station in Governorate No. 78. After that, he moved to an administrative center specialized in accommodating illegal immigrants due to his loss of his passport and lack of identification documents.

and extracted The Egyptian Consulate has a travel document, and he was received and returned to his country on Tuesday morning.

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