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Hindu temple opens doors to 200 Muslims flood victims in Balochistan

Men walk along the flooded road with their belongings after the rains and floods in the rainy season in Sohbatpur, Pakistan, August 28, 2022 – Reuters
  • Baba Madhodas Mandir in Kachinsky district helps flood victims.
  • The temple has more more than 100 rooms to accommodate pilgrims.
  • Baba Madhodas was a Hindu saint also loved by Muslims.

Hindu temple in a small village in Balochistan set example of interfaith harmony, opening its doors to at least 200 flood victims, most of they are Muslims, according to the report daily dawn.

recent floods in Pakistan pushed out and devastated millions. The disaster has declared itself over 1300 lives. However, Baba Madhodas Mandir in Jalal Khan Village in the Kachi area was relatively less affected, as it is located on high ground, hence serving as a sanctuary for flood-affected people.

Locals reported that Baba Madhodas was a Hindu saint. who was loved by Muslims and Hindus before partition in 1947

Iltaf Buzdar, a frequent visitor to the village, said that his parents common stories of Saint with his. They said that Baba looked at people “through the prism of humanity”, not their caste or creed.

The Hindu temple is frequented by Hindus from all over the world. over Balochistan.

While the majority people of Hindu community have left village view for work and other opportunities, several families remained behind take care of temple.

current in the prosecution, Rattan Kumar, aged 55, said that the temple more more than 100 rooms to accommodate pilgrims who came from everyone over Balochistan and Sindh each year.

Kumara son it was reported that several rooms were damaged by flood waters, but the building was mostly intact.

People not only received shelter, but also people’s livestock, including goats and sheep, were also placed, the message says.

Those who were moved after homes were washed away in in flood they said that they were originally cut out off from the rest of district and were provided with food items via helicopters. However, as soon as they entered the temple, the Hindu community helped them.

“There was announcements on local Hindu loudspeaker urging Muslims to rush to the temple for refuge.” —Israr Mugheri, MD in Jalal Khan who It has set up medical camp inside the temple Dawn quoted his words.

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