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Hills of Ghazi Gandkar fire destroys many kilometers of forests

Haripur: The Jungle fire in two days destroyed many kilometers of forests and killed rare species of animals and birds in hilly areas of Gandkar Tehsil Gazi.
According to the props, fire erupted in forest from behind unknown cause, about a few miles of forests on hills of Gandkar along with rare type of birds and animals were burned alive in north of Haripur is still waiting for CPC government to extinguish in fire.
The locals told media what but precious forests fire also rare species burned of wild animals and their eggs, including gray goral, black partridge, gray partridge, chakur partridge, sea partridge, etc., in breeding season.
Despite the efforts of locals extinguish in fireThey failed and it is incredible that not a single provincial department took one step deal with catastrophe.
Local residents said that two days ago a fire broke out around the hills. of Gandkar, stretching for miles, also increased temperatures and endangered rare species of wildlife like people of in area were scared of degree and amount of blazing.

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