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Hillary Clinton warns that bitcoin could replace the dollar

Former US presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, declared that cryptocurrencies have the power to destabilize countries large and small. Due to its growth, he pointed out that a strong like bitcoin could even destroy the dollar as a reserve currency of value in the world.

The comment was made in the New Economy Forum organized by Bloomberg Media Group in Singapore. During her participation, Hillary Clinton expressed that governments should be alert about the rise of cryptocurrencies , as they could banish their national currencies.

The former candidate, who belongs to the Democratic Party, said that countries with weak currencies and economies will be affected first. Although he assures that they will not be the only ones. He believes that this is an issue of global concern, as he considers that strong nations such as the United States could also destabilize.

Hillary Clinton has a negative view on the future of cryptocurrencies. Source: @ crypto247 / twitter.com

Fear arises, on the one hand, from the increase in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. An example of this is the decision of several leaders of the United States to collect their salary in bitcoin. And, on the other hand, it is attributed to the weakening that the dollar is suffering after inflation, something that even worries Elon Musk, as he said on Twitter.

Not everyone thinks like Hillary Clinton about bitcoin

Alex McShane, a bitcoin journalist, called Hillary Clinton’s statement a “rather vague threat to nations and multinational corporations.” As a connoisseur of the matter, she said that many politicians like her speak of the cryptocurrency ecosystem from ignorance.

McShane denied that cryptocurrencies could undermine fiat currencies or entire countries, because they work same in the economy. Although admits that bitcoin is indeed altering the dollar as a global reserve currency, so he understands that it is a threat to collect taxes and promote devaluation.

Another person who also sees an empowerment in bitcoin is Gael Sánchez Smith, who believes that we will begin to think about the values ​​of things in this cryptocurrency. CriptoNoticias reported that the analyst stated that it is a matter of time before we all migrate to this new unit of value and it becomes a large part of the world’s fortune.

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